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"Wood Elves are a strange bunch, with very little in common with their Moon and Sun elven brethren. They reside in the forests that linger between two worlds and commune with fey creatures and gods. One thing is certain though: their skill with the bow is unrivaled."
Wood Elf
Basic Information
Aliases Fey Elves
Average Lifespan Usually up to 400 years, connection with trees supposedly increases lifespan at least 1000
Homeland(s) The Great Forest
Language(s) Elven (Wood Elf Dialect)
Subtype Elf
Subraces Recent/commoner Half Elves
Average Height 5'4" - 5'9"
Average Weight 80 - 120 lbs
Skin Color Tanned to dark brown
Hair Color Red, brown, black, dark green, sometimes blonde
Hairstyle Dependent on clan, generally long like their other counterparts

Some clans shave/cut their hair after each kill

Eye Color Hazel, green, yellow
Distinctions Most populous and shortest of all elfkind, affinity with nature and the Feywild, generally regarded as most skilled with the bow