"Even stranger than wood elves, wild elves are those that have lost all civility and knowledge of their culture and have become one with the land. They are the unfortunate souls whose ships survived The Storm and have become as wild and feral as the jungles they live in."
―Castien of Salahadi
Wild Elf
Basic Information
Aliases Savage Elves, Forgotten Elves, Lost Elves
Average Lifespan Usually up to 400 years
Homeland(s) Halessi and Sahaladesi Jungles
Language(s) Wild Elven
Subtype Elf
Average Height 5'4" - 6'4"
Average Weight 80 - 170 lbs
Skin Color Brown to dark brown
Hair Color Brown, black
Hairstyle Braided hair of all lengths, sometimes bald
Eye Color Hazel
Distinctions Survivors of The Great Storm, degenerated into tribal society in the jungles (rediscovered 1602 by Sea Elves), hostile to outsiders
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