This timeline is from a Cannorian perspective, the origins of the world come from the Halcanni Pantheon and the chronicles' perspective comes from the precursors and their successors, the elves, humans and half elves.


Halcanni Creation Myth

Dwarven Creation Myth

Harimari Creation Myth

Fall of the Gods

Skyforged in Flame

Year Event
  • Remnants of the primordials, the giants and the genies, are given a chance to live if they aid in the creation of the world.
  • Halanna creates the first dwarf Dagrin Everbeard out of stone, she soon creates many more to aid in crafting the finer details of the world.
  • Castellos creates the immortal avariel (winged elves) to act as stewards and servants to the gods.


Year Event



  • Castellos offers Agrados a chance to atone but Agrados declares war instead.

  • Agrados creates proto-humans to help him in his war.

  • Several gods and dragons join with Agrados.
  • The dwarves and avariel remain loyal to Castellos, most gods/dragons (such as Malliath) stay loyal to Castellos.
  • Castellos slays and attempts to absorb Agrados' essence and portfolio, he fails and casts away the corrupted/merged version of him: Kazraiel.


Godly Decrees
  • Kazraiel and the traitorous gods and dragons are banished to a new realm beneath the earth: The Underworld. Nerat is tasked to oversee their imprisonment as a form of atonement.
  • Gods can no longer walk on earth, they must live through avatars which are reborn if they wish.
  • Only one god can have a certain portfolio, gods will lose their portfolios or merge if it's their only one.
  • Avariels act as messengers and representatives of the gods in their stead.
  • Dragons are tasked to rule the world in the gods' stead.




Eternal War
  • Kazraiel bands the Godswar outcasts together and becomes the Prince of the Underworld.
  • The exiled gods become the progenitor of devils, the exiled dragons become the progenitor of demons.
  • Nerat becomes Judge of the Dead and conscripts sinful souls into his army to fight Kazraiel.

The Dragon Age

First Lineage Wars

Year Event
300,000,000 BL
  • Dragons split Halwes between their lineages, initially from the metallic and chromatic lineages but soon to more specific lineages/colors such as bronze and red dragons.

250,000,000 BL


20,000,000 BL

First Lineage Wars
  • Total war begins between the lineages, the ancient world (still together) is bathed in flame and begins to turn into the world we know today.
  • Malliath unites the dragon lineages under the pretense of becoming the new gods.

Inheritance War

Year Event

199,000,000 BL

  • The giants, genies and other beast races from Agrados' spawn ally with the dragons.
  • The other races, namely the dwarves, proto-humans and avariel go against them and are enslaved.

190,000,000 BL


1,000,000 BL

Inheritance War
  • War between dragonkind and the gods.
  • The Godly Decrees is broken: Castellos and the gods arrive on earth for the first time in aeons to fight the dragons.
  • The dwarves begin carving what today is known as Dwarfhome across the mountains, a shelter for all.
  • Malliath devours several gods (including then Goddess of Magic Astralania. He later maims and eats Castellos' right arm and leg.)
  • The gods retreat but manage to slay Malliath.
  • With superiority in the skies, the heavens are essentially blockaded by the dragon scions.
  • The avariels trapped in heaven eventually become the foundation of the divine servants we know today, such as angels.
  • Avariels who were left stranded on the ground are stripped of their ability to fly and turn into the precursor elves.

The Rule of Dragons

Year Event

990,000 BL

  • Malliath's draconic empire is divided amongst the old draconic lineages, a de facto second Lineage War begins throughout this entire era.
842, 000 BL
The Last Flight
  • Some precursors open a portal to a parallel plane of existence, the Feywild.
  • They become what we call today as the Eladrin.

600,000 BL

  • The dragons of Haless and Halcann mysteriously disappear or enter forced hybernation, any dragons that enter those lands suffer the same fate.
  • The remaining dragons are confined to Halwes.

(Chroniclers Note: This may be due to the Dark Descendants. -J)

600,000 BL


500,000 BL

Genie Civil War
  • Free from draconic control, the different genie subraces of Halcann and Haless war each other.
  • Leads to the [The Djinni Deception]] leading to the banishment of all non-djinn genies.

600,000 BL


100,000 BL

The Rule of Dragons
  • Halwes is split between the autonomous dragon scions; dragon lineages dictates but not reinforce general alliances.
  • Precursor elves are now slaves under the dragon scions, some are taught magic to better serve their masters.

The War of Broken Chains

Year Event

140,000 BL

  • Venaan is born in central Halwes.
  • Some say Venaan is an avatar of Castellos' son, the god of light Sura'el.

(Chronicler's Note: The word 'elven' originates here, meaning 'of Venaan' -J)

130,000 BL

  • Venaan kills his draconic overlord, Ibis, the first time a dragon has been slain by other races since the Godswar.

130,000 BL


50,000 BL

The War of Broken Chains
  • The Dragon Scion's dragonguard betray their draconic masters, some are killed in their sleep.
  • The precursor slaves rise in open rebellion all across Halwes.
  • Halwessi dragons are wiped to near extinction, the rest are cursed which degrades them to no more than beasts. Some of them will eventually be tamed.
  • What we refer today as the Precursor Senate is created, with Venaan as its elected head.

Early Precursor Era (50,000 BL - 25,000 BL)

Rise of the Empire (The first Golden Age/Uen'galaan)

Year Event
50,000 BL
  • Halwes is split between the freed elves, various kingdoms and republics are created but all bow to the Senate.
48,000 BL
  • The new capital, the flying city of Aesadas (meaning Skyhome/Sky Paradise) is completed, proceeding to travel across Halwes.
44,000 BL
  • Venaan has a single son, Arethon.
40,000 BL
  • Venaan dies while at Senate, rumors of assassination spread.
  • Venaan's son Arethon is chosen to succeed.
38,000 BL
35,000 BL
  • King Arethon centralizes Halwes, there is no king but him, previous kings become princes. Some minor revolts happen but the Legions loyal to him shut them down with ease.
  • The Precursor Empire as we know it is born.

(Chronicler's Note: Given the immortal state of the precursor elves, this elective position for life might as well be a monarchy -J)

32,000 BL

(Chronicler's Note: Precursor immortality meant couples would literally be together forever, open relationships were the norm in precursor culture -J)

Age of Light

Year Event
30,000 BL
29,302 BL
  • Precursor-Genie Alliance: The precursors send an official delegation to the genie sultanates and establish an alliance and agree to multiple terms:
    • The Precursors share their technology and resources but leave the Sahaladesi Desert alone.
    • The Precursors are free to establish temples in Sarhal and beyond.

(Chronicler's Note: It is assumed that the genies had ascended from the idea of war and territory, growing decadent in their years. Another factor could be that the precursor elves could act as a buffer state between the genies and the Dwarven Empire.

29,600 BL
29,000 BL
28,974 BL
28,840 BL
  • The Precursor Empire establishes Eastern Haless due to its relative void of 'civillized' races.
  • The grand city of Iess (pronounced Ee-ess) begins construction, it would be the base of power for the precursors and later: the harimarians who came after them.
28,821 BL
28,821 BL


25,000 BL

War of Subjugation
  • War between the Precursor Elves and Giantkind of Halcann.
  • First signs of conflict between Aldan and Ducaniel, Aldan makes it a war of subjugation rather than extinction.
  • Surviving giants become slaves.

(Chronicler's Note: The War of Subjugation forms the basis of the Gerudian Creation Myth. -J)

28,500 BL
  • Precursor Colonies are spread across the world, with a high concentration in Eastern Halcann.
  • Natives encountered such as gnolls, harpies and humans are enslaved, some are used as scientific subjects for precursor scholars.
27,000 BL

(Chronicler's Note: The dwarves and elves offer two opposing stances in what started the War of Ages, the dwarves say the elves attacked first but the elves say otherwise. -J)

27,000 BL


25,000 BL

War of Ages
  • Conflict between the Precursor and Dwarven Empire begins.
  • Ducaniel is chosen to lead the effort against the dwarves.
  • Official support for the war withdrawn upon Aldan's succession.
25,000 BL
  • King Arethon dies in battle against the dwarves. The eldest twin Aldan is elected as King.

Late Precursor Era (25,000 BL - 1000 BL)

Call for Reflection (24,990 - 22,301)



24,990 BL

  • Aldan withdraws back to the imperial capital of Aesadas in Halwes for his coronation.

24,900 BL


11,000 BL

War of Vengeance

(Chronicler's Note: Trapped in Jorkad Hall by the dwarves, Ducaniel experiments on his own men to create soldiers and defeat the dwarves once and for all: orcs. -J)

24,000 BL


23,000 BL

Giant's Rebellion
  • Giants, humans and other slaves rebel against their precursor overlords.
  • Many Precursor Temples across Cannor and Escann are sacked and destroyed.
  • Ducaniel commands the other legions and the colonial forces to return to Sarhal and protect the vital colonies.
  • Ducaniel marches forward with only his 4th Legion, also known as the Viridian Legion.
  • Leads to the Reflective Decree.

23,000 BL

Reflective Decree
  • Aldan calls for all colonies to withdraw and leave the land to the natives.
  • End of Giant's Rebellion.
  • End of War of Ages against the dwarves.
  • Focus on philosophy and scholarly/magical pursuits rather than war and expansion.
  • Larger and more developed colonies in Halcann are given 1000 years to withdraw or be punished.

(Chronicler's Note: The precursors leaving draws parallels to the High Gods leaving in the Harimari Pantheon. -J)

22,999 BL

Statement of Self-Rule
  • Having fought to defend their land in the Giant's Rebellion, the colonial lords disobey the Reflective Decree and declare independence.
  • The precursors that stay name themselves the bulwari, meaning "the enduring ones".
  • Leads to foundation of Bulwar Pryoa also known as Ancient Bulwar.

22,730 BL


9,983 BL

Wars of Ancient Bulwar

Age of Reflection/The Second Golden Age (22,301 - 10,000)

Year Event

22,301 BL

Age of Reflection
  • Most precursor elves withdraw back to Halwes
  • Increased focus on scholarly pursuits, history, religion and magical research.
  • The Five Great Cities developed: Lanaiande, Affelai, Tacenie, Harathil and Dalaire,
  • The Second (and greatest) Golden Age begins.

(Chronicler's Note: The Second Golden Age is known as the Seta'galaan in elven, Seta meaning 'second' and galaan meaning 'gold age' -J)

21,980 BL
  • The final colonial precursors arrive in Halwes.
20,042 BL
  • Sarhal, under Ancient Bulwar, becoming the hub of slavery in Halcann.
18,000 BL
  • Precursor Schools of Magic created, categorizing and exploring magic further than before. //shouldve been ages ago mate
14,000 BL
11,000 BL
  • Ducaniel is betrayed by his orcs and disappears in self-exile in Halcann, bringing an end to his War of Vengeance.
10,997 BL
10,000 BL

9,983 BL


9,413 BL

Fall of the Bulwar Frigora
  • The genies begins to invade and conquer Sarhal.
  • Some descendants of the orcs that allied with Ancient Bulwar ally with the genie sultanates in exchange for Bulwar's much more hospitable and fertile land in Sarhal.
  • The bulwari people are enslaved by the genies.
9,973 BL

9,002 BL


8,203 BL

War for Bulwari Freedom

War of Two (10,000 - 1000)

Year Event

10,000 BL

Return of Ducaniel
  • Ducaniel returns to Halwes and is hailed a hero, he finds the new Empire as a shadow of its former self and wishes to restore it, others, especially the military, back him.
  • Ducaniel is given the flying city of Tacenie in northern Halwes to rule.
  • Ducaniel begins the creation of black orcs, a improved and controllable version of his previous creations.

9,000 BL

9,000 BL to 1000 BL

The Senagrad (War of Two)
  • Ducaniel is infatuated with his niece and kidnaps her.
  • He and his followers, mostly from northern Halwes, declare war to put Ducaniel on the throne.
  • Ducaniel loses and his followers are imprisoned in the mountains.
  • Ducaniel's black orcs hunted to near extinction.
  • Ducaniel is imprisoned in Aesadas.

1000 BL

The Ruin of Halwes

(Chronicler's Note: Dark Descendants may be the cause of Ducaniel's corruption. Furthermore, the blast may also have created the Feywild and Shadow Planes -J)

The Great Drift (1000 BL - 1 AL)

Year Event
1000 BL
The Dissipation

(Chronicler's Note: The genies were seemingly banished to the elemental planes of existence, most scholars believe this was a side effect of the blast caused by the Ruin of Halwes. It is confirmed they still exist, and have often been summoned and bound through rituals and enchanted lamps. -J)

1000 BL
Harimari Ascension

1000 BL


999 BL

The Relief of Halwes
  • The soon-to-be Remnant Fleet rescues any survivors in Halwes, mostly from the eastern coasts.
  • Attempts to resettle are futile, those that stay too long in Halwessi soil die.

999 BL

  • The Remnant Fleet is created.
  • The remains of the great coastal city of Tacenie is pushed off to sea is retrofitted into a naval city.

998 BL


2 BL

The Great Drift
  • The Remnant Fleet wanders aimlessly across the sea for 1000 years.
  • Precursor elven culture is essentially lost, only the efforts of the Vestiges grasp on to what remains.
  • Worship of the Elven Pantheon is abandoned.'(they did abandon the precursors at their time of need, after all -J). Leads to rise of belief in Ancestral Guardians.
  • Monarchical government is abolished into an elective merit-based one, Admirals and military become the new nobility.

(Chronicler's Note: It is assumed that the Remnant Fleet was adrift within a sort of planar limbo, perhaps in the Feywild or the Plane of Water, explaining why they didn't encounter land for 1000 years. -J)

100 BL

2 BL

The Great Storm
  • Tacenie and most of the Remnant Fleet is lost or destroyed.
  • Leads to The Plea of Munas.

(Chronicler's Note: The scholar Eserion the Mad suggests that the Dark Descendants caused the storm, and turned those in the Tacenie into the Abominations we have encountered today. -J)

2 BL

The Plea of Munas
  • Munas sings to the moon for aid and the moon guides the Remnant Fleet to Halcann.

1 AL

The Landing
  • What remains of the Remnant Fleet arrive in Damesear.
  • Some decide to live the life at sea and look for those lost in The Great Storm, these elves eventually become the Sea Elves.

The Landing (1 AL - 203 AL)

Pre-Damerian Republic

Year Event
0 AL
  • Munas Moonsinger marries the local Damerri tribal leader and avatar of The Dame, Auci Eighthborn.
  • Munas becomes the tribal chief, some elves begin to disagree with mixing with humans.
  • Munas declares that the elves should "Cannorize" their names or even take new ones, eg:
    • Istalara Agraseina ta'Estaforra becomes Istalara Warsinger (of the ship Lady Luck).
    • Munas Cymlan takes the new surname Moonsinger.
    • Captains of the remnant fleet and their families make their ship names their sole surname in rememberance.
  • Conquest of Damesear: the elves help the Damerri conquer the rest of Damesear.
1 AL
  • The elves settle in the forests near Damesear, eventually becoming Moonhaven.
3 AL
  • The first elf dies in Halcann, the place is eventually named Ilvandet.
  • Mion Silmuna, the first half-elf, is born.
  • After this the communion of elves and men were no longer taboo, many half-elves were soon born, upsetting some elves that lead to the Elven Migrations.

(Chronicler's Note: Half-elven children do not share the surname of their father, they are instead given surnames to denote the elven parent of the first pairing. Mion is the son of the elf Munas and the human Auci, the elven progentior is Munas so his surname becomes 'of Munas', or in elven: Silmuna. -J)

5 AL
First Elven Migration
  • The most xenophobic elves travel east to settle in the Great Forest, away from the humans of Damesear, they eventually become the wood elves.
  • Some under Ibenion ta'Lunpyr settle and create a kingdom today known as Ibevar.
  • Elves create settlements along the coasts of Dameshead, eventually becoming the Anbennarian City States. //remove?
  • Contact with the Bulwari Kingdoms of Sarhal, their precursor ancestry makes them relate with the new elven arrivals.
8 AL
Second Elven Migrations
  • Bulwari King of Kings Getlaranos invites the elves to settle the unpopulated frontier lands in northern Sarhal and become nobles (and gods) in their own right.
  • Some elves migrate to northern Sarhal, building their own settlements or living in the Bulwari Great Cities. They mix with the Bulwari Elves, eventually becoming the sun elves.

(Chronicler's Note: The Bulwari Kingdoms were the remains of the precursor colonies, the human populace saw them as gods who elevated them from savagery, which they did to some extent. 'By this time the precursor 'bulwari' elves had ruled themselves for over 22,000 years after the precursors left. -J)

10 AL

(Chronicler's Note: This type of corellation between local Cannorian deities and those of the Elven Pantheon would continue to one day become the Halcanni Pantheon. -J)

13 AL
21 AL
  • The first generation of half elves reach adulthood, their understanding of elven and human customs brings the two races together even more.
  • Mion Silmuna is seen as a natural successor by both races, he begins work to establish the Damerian Republic.
56 AL
58 AL

Damerian Republic

Year Event
60 AL
Proclamation of the Damerian People
  • The Damerian Republic is created, with Mion as its elected first Consul.
  • Nearby elven settlements like Moonhaven joins the Republic.
  • Damerian Eastward Expansion begins, elven and human settlers alike create settlements within Cannor interior.
  • The elves that stayed in the Republic are what we know today as moon elves.
  • Unification of human, half-elf and elven peoples under one moniker, they are now known as Damerian.

(Chronicler's Note: While initially peaceful, the constant barbarian raids and attacks on these frontier colonies soon warranted for military-backed expansion and sometimes forced subjugation. -J)

62 AL
  • Mion's mother (and avatar of The Dame) Auci Eigthborn dies of old age, aged 89.
  • The Hunt for the Lost Avatar begins, Damerri priests fail to find the next avatar of The Dame until nearly 300 years later in an elven thief and former spy named Nathalyne.
  • Without an avatar, some Damerri leave to join other Cannorian tribes, though most stay in the fledgling Republic, seeing Mion as Auci's hereditary heir.
  • Worship of The Dame still continues but early roots of the Halcanni Pantheon appear here as people look to other gods for guidance.
70 AL
  • Second election of the Damerian Republic, Mion wins by a small margin.
  • Attacks and raids continue against the Damerian Colonies with little to no official aid.
80 AL
80 AL
Silver Concordat is signed

80 AL


228 AL

Damerian Wars of Expansion
82 AL
Honeybee Treaty
  • The Halfling Small Country is peacefully absorbed into the Republic in exchange for protection against barbarian incursions.
  • The unnoficial trading hub between the Small Country and the Republic, Beepeck, becomes its new capital.
85 AL
some war with gnomes here, its too tricky so they alliance instead
90 AL
  • Moonsinger Codex is published by Darin of Bisan and his half-brother: Senator Feran Silgarion.
  • The codex itself justifies the idea that extraordinary mortals can ascend to godhood if backed by an existing god, in the codex's case: Munas backed by The Dame.
  • Worship of Munas begins, he is integrated in the worship of the proto-Halcanni Pantheon.
132 AL
  • Dwarves from Khugdihr make contact with the Republic, trade is established between Dameria and Khugdihr.
  • A trade delegation is led by Maldor the Wanderer who later creates an elven colony in Serpenthead.
160 AL
  • Eleventh election of the Republic, Fedis who had served for 80 years (8 terms) is ousted by the human Alard the Reformer.
Alardian Reforms begins:

163 AL


165 AL

Barbarian Invasion of Dameshead
164 AL
  • Silmuna University is created by the returning Mion Silmuna, he also returns with a bulwari elven wife and children.
  • Initially the university was to teach magic but it eventually expanded to other subjects during Jaher's reign.
165 AL
  • Mion Silmuna dies of a spell-gone-wrong, aged 160.
  • Silmuna University is taken over by his daughter Ilmindis Silmuna who would later become known as one of the most powerful mages of all time.
  • Mion's son Darion Silmuna is elected as a one-time Consul, his 'divine blood' makes him popular but his rule is not.
170 AL
Crisis at Damesear
  • People get ruly at the Damerian Elections, believing Darion to be the divine heir.
  • Previous Consul Fedis ta'Wesaesa becomes Luminary to shut down rebellions and keep the peace.
  • Assigning a Luminary every election would soon become a tradition until Jaher's reign.

179 AL


201 AL

Bulwari Unification
  • Denialist Rebellion: The abundance of new elves shatters the idea of the Bulwari being gods, their rebellion is quickly destroyed by Daermar before it gets out of hand.
  • Daermar the Great begins his wars to strip the authority of the Bulwari Kings and become sole Emperor.
  • Leads to Sun Elven Diaspora.
201 AL
Sun Elven Diaspora

(Chronicler's Note: It should be noted that sun elves were not the only ones who fled into the republic, human slaves and even some bulwari elves who were against Daermar also fled. -J)

Phoenix Empire Era (203 AL - 633AL)

Rise of Jaher

Year Event
203 AL
221 AL
226 AL
Formation of the Damerian Legions
227 AL

228 AL


230 AL

Escanni Invasion of Dameria
  • Agratorix moves west and makes the tip of the Dameshead as his base, forming foundation of the city of Vertesk.
  • Jaher serves as a battlemage and Harinwel's second-in-command.
  • Battles such as First Battle of Ibevar Forest (229 AL) and Battle of Damescrown (230 AL)
  • Harinwel ta'Saraea is assassinated in 232 AL, Jaher succeeds him as Commander of the Sun Legion and leads to the Massacre at Vertesk (230 AL).

230 AL


246 AL

Repulsion of the Escanni
  • Agratorix flees and begins a guerilla war in eastern Cannor (Escann), most legions are sent to hunt them down.
  • Some legions are sent to the Dragon Coast and the borders of the Republic to keep the peace.
  • Republican corruption and inefficiency bogs down the war and leaves many Legions without supplies, Jaher begins to realize the Republic's true flaws.
  • [[Disappearance of the : Legions pursue the Escanni into The Great Forest, no man makes it out. Leads to the Verdant Unveiling.
  • Agratorix is seemingly killed and white peace is made, eastern tribes as subjugated as client states.
  • Escanni gods like Castellos begins to appear in the Halcanni Pantheon.

Rise to Emperor

Year Event
245 AL
  • Jaher and the Sun Legion is recalled to Damesear keep peace during elections.
  • Jaher deposes the corrupt Consul Voran Silgaran.
  • He installs the puppet Consul Elemil ta'Tacenie instead.
246 AL
Verdant Unveiling

(Chronicler's Note: The Wood Elves proclaim that they communed with the trees of the Great Forest and chose their king. On the Mother Tree: modern scholars draw parallels between her and Halanna, both even share a hunter daughter .-J)

246 AL

246 AL


250 AL

Damerian Civil War

252 AL


256 AL

Damerian Eastern Campaign
260 AL

260 AL


263 AL

Second Damerian Civil War
  • Rise of ideas about Elven Supremacy.
  • Humans fight againt Jaher and his elven backers, half elves are split between.
  • Jaher declares himself as Consul-Luminary for life.
266 AL
267 AL
  • Jaher's son Jaerel is born.
  • Though Jaerel would be a poor mage his prowess as a warrior would earn him the respect of his Harimari patrons and his eventual title of Sunrise Emperor.

269 AL


275 AL

Jaher's Conquest of Sarhal
  • Daermar the Great dies, the Bulwari Succession War begins.
  • Jaher sets out to reclaim his ancestral homeland from the Bulwari Empire and to put his wife on the throne.
  • Northern Sarhal is given back to the sun elves.
  • Jaher proclaimed by the Bulwari Sun Cult as Sura'el reborn.
  • Erelmis the Chaste becomes the Empress of the Bulwari Empire, in proxy Jaher becomes Emperor.
  • Other claimants are executed.
  • Bulwari Empire reverts to Bulwari Kingdoms, only the few loyal families are restored, most are replaced or intermarried with sun elven counterparts.

Jaher as Emperor

Year Event
276 AL
Eastern Focus
  • Jaher bulwarizes himself, seemingly favouring his new Bulwari lands and titles to his old Damerian ones.
  • Some in the Damerian Republic plot to gain independence from the newly crowned Emperor Jaher.
  • Bulwari ideas of elven supremacy spread across Cannor, though with only minor success.
280 AL

281 AL


283 AL

Third Damerian Civil War
285 AL

First Imperial Census

  • Official count of the denizens of the newly formed Phoenix Empire.

  • Call for "re-elvenization" of elven surnames.

285 AL
288 AL
290 AL
  • Setadasar is finished, the Imperial Court moves there - the Eastern Focus is finished.

304 AL


309 AL

Urbarr's Invasion
311 AL

314 AL


327 AL

Phoenix Campaigns in Escann
  • Jaher's Legions invade Escann.
  • Jaerel Jaheryos becomes Commander of the Dragon Legion.
  • Cyranvar opposes Jaher and aids the Escanni tribes in a guerilla war against Phoenix Empire occupation.
  • Early gains for Jaher but eventual defeat and white peace.
  • Border between The Phoenix Empire and Cyranvar is officially settled.
  • Nolomar Forts established.
320 AL

320 AL


511 AL

Third Golden Age
331 AL
386 AL
Banishment of the Gnolls
485 AL
  • The elf Ioriel is born in Auraire, she later becomes a courtesan and mistress to Jaher, later accompanying him with his delegation to Iess.
486 AL
503 AL
Phoenix Delegation to Iess
  • Jaher and the Imperial Court visit the Harimari capital of Iess, Jaher remarks that the Grand Palace of Harimar is actually a Precursor Temple of his ancestors.
  • The Harimarians take offense and the visit is cut short.

511 AL


572 AL

Phoenix-Harimar War
572 AL
End of Phoenix-Harimar War
  • Jaher begins residence at the Grand Palace of Harimar while the Haless is incorporated into his empire.
  • Province of Jaheria is created, encompassing the old Harimari lands.
  • The lands between Sarhal and Haless become known as The Sunscar due its destruction in the war, a inhospitable barren wasteland.
573 AL
  • Jaeral Jaherian, Jaher's son, marries a Harimari noblewoman.
  • Many pro-elven and imperial loyalist begin to distrust Jaeral and his tolerance for their new subjects,
573 AL
  • Future Phoenix Queen Jexis is born, her mother Erelmis dies at childbirth.
  • Ioriel tasked by Jaher to be Jexis's carer, teacher and guide.

(Chronicler's Note: Romantic stories such as 'Sun and Rose' suggest that Jexis was actually Ioriel's child not Erelmis'. -J)

574 AL
Assassination of Jaher
  • Emperor Jaher is assassinated whilst holding court at Iess by the Harimarian courtier NAME.

Jaherian Succession Wars

Year Event
574 AL
Council of Iess
575 AL
  • Jexis and half the Phoenix Legions return to Sarhal and Cannor proper.
  • Ioriel flees her position as Jexis' tutor and finds herself in the court of the Lorentii Kingdom.
575 AL
First Court of Jexis
  • Many Damerian nobles find the Council of Iess' proclamations unfair and petition Jexis' regent Iryan Harpylover.
  • Iryan's uncompromising stance upsets many Damerian nobles, especially half-elven and human ones.

576 AL


579 AL

Paromis' Rebellion

578 AL


586 AL

Eastern Imperial Civil War
  • Large civil war between many factions ranging from human soldiers wanting to rule for themselves, elven nobles wanting land and Harimarian freedom fighters.
  • Jaerel the Sunrise Emperor is struck in the middle fighting enemies from all sides.
  • Leads to Jaerel's death in 586 and Fracture of the Eastern Phoenix Empire.

Reign of the Masked Empress

Year Event
585 AL
Great Fire of Setadasar
  • Assassination attempt of Empress Jexis on her 12th birthday
  • Iryan Harpylover and several others die in the fire.
  • Jexis, horribly scarred and burnt, is hidden from court for the next 6 years.
  • The sun elf Istrodaniol becomes Regent after Iryan's death.
  • The Imperial Court is relocated to the city of Sardhyl.
  • The eunuch Xalvas the Black becomes Jexis' unofficial mentor, he would later serve as her spymaster.
586 AL
Fracture of the Eastern Phoenix Empire
587 AL
587 AL
  • Ioriel is given the title of "Protector of the West" and is tasked to bring other independent and rebellious upstart kingdoms back into the Western Phoenix Empire.

587 AL


591 AL

Rise of the Ioriellan Empire
  • Various kingdoms in the Dameshead region are re-conquered by the Ioriellan Empire under the guise of restoring order
  • Beginnings of distrust within the Royal Court at Sardhyl and their supposed Ioriellist allies.
591 AL
Coronation of the Burned Empress
  • Jexis' first public appearance in 6 years, this time at her 18th birthday.
  • Many lords, including those who had been disloyal and disobedient to the Western Phoenix Empire are invited.
  • Traitorous lords and councillors are burned alive along with many other conspirators, the rest are given the choice to swear fealty and abandon their kingly titles or suffer the same fate.
  • Ioriel and Lorent was invited but they declined, beginning the rivalry between Jexis and her former tutor Ioriel.
592 AL
  • The Masked Court is established in Sardhyl, the origins of Sarhal's reputation as a den of snakes, vipers and schemers begins.

591 AL


620 AL

Unification of Sarhal
  • Brasan peacefully rejoins the now sole Phoenix Empire.
  • Wesarba, Elizna and other states are brought into the fold by force.
  • Brutal extermination of any dissenters of Jexis, execution by burning.
  • Some sun elven nobles begin to conspire against their tyrant empress.
595 AL
Sunleaf Accord

600 AL


633 AL

War of the Two Empresses
  • Prolonged series of wars and invasions of Cannor by the Jexisian Empire.
  • Initial early conquests and victories by Jexis, even occupying Auraire in 614 AL.
  • Betrayal by Cyranvar and discontent amongst Jexis' own followers leads to her assassination in 633 AL.

615 AL


625 AL

Decade of Masks
  • The Masked Court of Jexis moves to the city of Auraire
  • A period of hedony, lavish balls and scheming in the world's greatest city: Auraire.
618 AL
Masquerade at Auraire
  • Ioriel secretly attends Jexis' birthday masquerade.
  • Jexis beds Ioriel's grandson or something. (the one who marries the granddaughter below)
623 AL
Inheritance of Gawed
  • Ioriel's granddaughter NAME HERE inherits Gawed.
  • Her granddaughter is wed to her grandson, uniting Lorent and Gawed and increasing the borders of the Ioriellan Empire.
  • Any dissenting nobility are removed overnight in one of the finest masterstrokes during The Decade of Masks.
625 AL
Liberation of Auraire
  • The greatest move within the Decade of Masks, the city turns its colours from gold to red overnight.
625 AL
Assassination of Jexis
  • Jexis stabbed to death by her own guard while she slept.

625 AL


633 AL

Jexisian Civil War
633 AL
Election at Sardhyl

Dragonwake (633 AL - 643 AL)

Dragons reawake in Cannor, cities are burned

cause of barbarian migrations


Start of worship of dragons in north vs old gods?:

Ioriellan Renaissance (643 AL - 800 AL)

Charlemenge, united Lorent or at least Lorent at peace while Ioriel lives

Era of Black Ice (800 AL to 849 AL)

Great evil northern invasion, army of thralls. Viking age

Year Event
801 AL

Interregnum (849 AL - 1111 AL)

Pogrom of Damesear - 863 AL, widespread massacre of mages in the Damesear region, mostly city of Auraire. Also Council of the Arcane is wiped out leaving Cannor without a centralised magical body - many magical societies spring up

War of Dusk - 867 AL, shadow war between Order of High Promise and Followers of Coming Sunrise (essentially pro vs anti phoenix empire)

Year Event
276 AL
Eastern Focus
  • Jaher bulwarizes himself, seemingly favouring his new Bulwari lands and titles to his old Damerian ones.
  • Some in the Damerian Republic plot to gain independence from the newly crowned Emperor Jaher.
  • Bulwari ideas of elven supremacy spread across Cannor, though with only minor success.

New Empire (1111 AL - 1380 AL)

Grand Summit of Ibevar - 1111 AL

Crusade against some lich guy (1129 - 1133)

Aldresia is a crusader here

1133 AL - Assassination attempt vs Emperor + Mage-knights jedi Order of Aldresia or Orda Aldresia created to serve Magisterium as Templars

1145 AL - Corvurian Civil War vs its elven rulers (ends 1150 AL) <- vampires take over mate. this war also leads onto inspiring the war below:

1153 AL - Wars of Rule in the Empire -> Concordat of Rule -> mages shouldnt rule but magical-blooded families, decentralization of The Empire

time of classic kingdoms shit here

1219 AL - Concordat of Rule signed

Greentide (1380 AL - 1510 AL)

1378 AL - King of Lorent is a mage and converts to Regent Court, civil war in Lorent? 1384 AL - 1471 - Lilac Wars, hundred years war/war of the roses hybrid between Kingdom of Dameria and Lorent, in the end Dameria is destroyed and only Wesdam lives (since he was Lorent/Silmuna hybrid), prob rival kingdoms fucked Dameria, in the beginning The Emperor was Damerian but later not (note Dameria has Lorentian lands a la Angevin) - by the end Kingdom of Dameria is conquered/occupied and the only claimant lies west of the Dameshead in Wesdam so he cant claim back his lands

Lilac Wars Pt 1 (1384 - 1404) - Lorentian Emperor, fuck that everyone fucks em - some anti Lorent dudes join The Empire afterwards

Lilac Wars Pt 2 (1420 - 1459) - Damerian Emperor declares war for the throne of Lorent

Lilac Wars Pt 3 (1459 - 1471) - Damerian Emperor dies, claimant for Lorentian throne now just King aka his son, Kingdom of Dameria is destroyed

forget Blue Lorent, what if Blue Lorent is Wesdam? But its Lilac Lorent instead BRO!

1410 - 1439: Siege of Khugdihr

1573: Reclamation of Khugdihr

Mages and the Ordo Eldricia disregard the Magisterium's orders and join the fight against the Greentide

Witch Kings Era (1510 AL - 1600 AL)

Mages hailed as heroes in Escann for defeating Greentide with help of guns, empty Escann makes them prime candidates for ruling

Eventually uber decadence and tyranny/rivalry between Witch kings, Escann becomes very anti-magic

The Empire becomes pretty decadent too since they have good relations with Witch Kings? Those who didnt become Witch Kings were veterans of the Greentide and now are ruling The Magisterium. Increase of overall magical tyranny and right to rule: people couldnt save and rule themselves during the Greentide so its up to mages

Ayo some dank Witch King conquers a lot of shit and then invades the Empire a la Revan, by then The Empire is undergoing attempts of centralization after a long time of decentralized shit, the Emperor is trying to curb the power of The Magisterium and ignoring Ravelian Cults - many Magisters are now Greentide veterans and support the Witch King Invasion

^even more Mage Distrust aka Illuminati

Age of Unraveling (1600 AL - 1800 AL)


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