The Seg Band, meaning The Southern Band, is an infamous dwarven mercenary company known for their service under The Phoenix Empire and its successors. It's name is a bastardized common version of the word 'Segbandal' which itself refers to the southern alliance of dwarves under the Serpentspine Mountains, The Segbandal.


The Seg Band is known for its ruthlessness and loyalty to coin alone, many dwarves see them as traitors to their race as the Seg Band often acted as enforcers whilst serving under The Phoenix Empire.

Service HistoryEdit

Dwarven Peacekeepers for Jaher (337 - 511)Edit

Phoenix-Harimar War (511 - 572)Edit

  • The Seg Band serves as irregular shock infantry and ambush roles within the war
  • Some Dwarves from the Seg Band and Seghdihr join the Phoenix Legions and serve more defensive roles

Establishing Esshold (572 - 578)Edit

  • The Seg Band provides security for the ex-legionary dwarves who set up their own hold in Haless named Esshold, Esshold would become the Seg Band's base of operations in the east.

Under Jaerel the Sunrise King (578 - 586)Edit

Unification of Sarhal: Against Jexis (591 - 595)Edit

  • The Seg Band serves under various short-lived lords against Jexis

Unification of Sarhal: Under Jexis (595 - 613)Edit

  • The Seg Band betrays their contractors mid-battle and win the day for Jexis
  • Continued service as irregular shock troops under Jexis during the Unification

War of Two Empresses: Under Jexis (613 - 615)Edit

  • The Seg Band is relocated to the western front in a large push for Auraire in 613

Dwarven Peacekeepers for Jexis (615 - 625)Edit

  • The Seg Band returns to Sarhal and puts down a rebellion at Seghdihr, they resume roles as peacekeepers there as they did for Jaher in 337
  • Relocation again to Auraire in 624 as the Ioriellan Empire appears to be mobilizing for a counter-attack

Liberation of Auraire and joining Ioriel (625 - 628)Edit

  • Key players in the Liberation and betrayal of Jexis, the Seg Band massacres The Masked Court from the inside
  • The Seg Band's knowledge of Imperial positions and tactics proves crucial in Ioriel's offensive against Jexis

Jexisian Civil War (628 - 633)Edit

As Sarion's Personal Bodyguards (633 - 704)Edit

  • The Seg Band resigns from mercenary work and become full-time personal bodyguards for Sarion

Revival of the Seg Band and split into Darovian Guard (730 - )Edit

  • After Sarion's death most of the Seg Band resumes mercenary duties
  • Some stay on and become the Darovian Guard, personal bodyguards for the Phoenix Emperor
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