The Masked Court was the court surrounding the Burned Empress, Jexis. It was infamous for its schemers and convuluted plots that dictated Cannor and Sarhal during its entire existence, along with its requirement that all courtiers follow Jexis' example and wear masks.

Royal CouncilEdit

Empress Jexis

Luminar - Elysar the Blooded, Jexis' half-brother and right hand

Spymaster - Xalvas the Black, Jexis' mentor and left hand

Chief Handmaiden - Imryll, Jexis' lifelong friend and personal bodyguard

Master of Coin - Thalan ta'Saraesa, a famed transmuter

Master of Arms - Khazel zsyl Brasan, ruler of Brasan and one of the first lords to stand by Jexis' side

Royal Sunspeaker - Sunspeaker Zabasyan, representative of the Bulwari Sun Cult

During the Decade of MasksEdit

In 615 Jexis moved The Masked Court to the old Damerian capital of Auraire in order to solidify her claim and presence in the area, this caused a large influx of new (and non-elven) courtiers who would take part in The Masked Court, eventually causing enough destablization and distrust within Jexis' original court for her downfall and assassination in 633.

Court Mage - Magister Aubron Firetongue, a moon elf graduate of The Imperial School

Master of Arms -

Master of Laws - Garald Silurion, a half-elven lawmaker and nobleman, a descendant of Consul Inror Silurion

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