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The Dame
The dame.jpg
Artist's representation of The Dame
Basic Information
Aliases Lady of Mysteries, Silver Lady, Mistress of Magic, Good Mistress, Lady Harvest
Title(s) Goddess of Magic
Alignment Neutral Good
Symbol The moon, often silvery or white in color though some rural depicts an orange Harvest Moon.
Appearance Pale matronly woman wearing a teal (and sometimes orange) hennin
Power Level Greater Deity
Part of Halcanni Pantheon
Dominion The Moon
Portfolio Magic, Knowledge, Tolerance, Charity
Allies None
Enemies None
Known avatars Auci Eighthborn
Worshipers Mages, elves, half elves, scholars, charities
Centers of worship Dameshead Region, Moonhaven
Worshiper count Great
Favored weapon Staff
Holy day(s) Landay
Family Information
Spouse(s) Munas Moonsinger
Trueborn Children Mion Silmuna
Other(s) Responsible for The First Landing

Worship Origins[]

The Dame initially started as the culmination and merging of several Harvest Goddess worship traditions throughout Halcann, eventually these various goddesses were merged into one through the Moonsinger Codex and the reforms that lead to the creation of the Halcanni Pantheon.

Her affiliation with the moon and the rise of magic from the elves also made her synonymous with the usage of magic as a whole.