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"We are the true inheritors of this world, born from those whom survived The Ruin and those who stood stalwart and died for the land they settled. We are the children of the Last God: Sura'el, we are the sun elves."
Sun Elf
Basic Information
Aliases El'jahven or El'jah (Elves of Jaher)
Average Lifespan Usually up to 400
Homeland(s) Sarhal
Language(s) Elven (Sarhalli Dialect), Sarhalli Common
Subtype Elf
Subraces Desert Elf
Notable Members Jaher
Average Height 5'9" - 6'4"
Average Weight 130 - 170 lbs
Skin Color Pale to tanned, paler means richer
Hair Color Blonde, silver, black
Hairstyle Gray, brown
Eye Color Hazel, green, gray, yellow
Distinctions Elitist and proud, emphasis on tradition, very proficient in magic