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"Not all elves decided to settle down after we found Cannor, those that developed love for the sea and the love to find the brethren we lost during The Great Storm became the Sea Elves. Though their hearts may lie within the blue they will always find home and hearth in the land of the Moon Elves. "
Varilor Bluetongue. a moon elven admiral
Sea Elf
Basic Information
Aliases Blue Elves, Searchers
Average Lifespan Usually up to 400 years, culturally an adult after completing first worldwide voyage
Homeland(s) The Sea
Language(s) Elven (Sea Elven Dialect), generally proficient with most languages
Subtype Elf
Average Height 5'6" - 6'4"
Average Weight 130 - 170 lbs
Skin Color Pale, shades of blue and green
Hair Color Black, silver, dark blue and green
Hairstyle Varies, cropped short or in ponytails
Eye Color Blue, silver
Distinctions Elves who chose the life at sea, generally taller, all undertaking The Endless Journey to find elves lost during The Great Storm