Precursor spellblades were the weapons and spellcasting aide used by officers and spellcasters within the Precursor Legions. The blades themselves were created from precursor metal which was a combination of elven steel and the spell absorbing properties of the damestear meteorites.


As with their namesakes, the spellblades were used as a casting aide allowing the user to cast and direct spells with the blade along with absorbing magical spells with the blade itself. It also served the practical purpose of a regular blade.

In combat the user would employ the art of Diranbe also known as the Bladedancing which combined spellcasting maneuvors and incantations with actual combat techniques.


After the fall of the Precursor Empire spellblades were the common artifact weapons wielded by nobles and heroes though few mastered the arts of the Diranbe. The most notable wielders of spellblades were military orders like the Order of Saint Aldresia and the Halessi Ranberii Brotherhood which in turn developed their own style of the original bladedancing.

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