Precursor Temples were massive megastructures dedicated to the gods, modern theorists say that the temples were made as an offering to the gods who were defeated and subsequently trapped in the heavens by the dragons during the Inheritance War each individual temple was supposedly dedicated to a single god and would act as the god's abode when they returned to earth.


The sheer size of the the temples are unrivaled even to this day, discovered precursor temples often only showcase the upper tiers while the others below have become catacombs underground for archaeologists and adventurers to explore.


Temples are most common in the precursor homeland of Halwes though many are destroyed or hidden due to the devastation caused by the Ruin. By the Age of Discovery many standing temples had become hubs for the degenerated descendants of the precursors.

Precursor Temples are also common in the polar regions of halann, perhaps due to its isolation and serenity, the polar temples have mostly been left intact though many are shrouded under snow and ice.

Haless is also noted for its abundance of complete and accessible temples, having been the main colonial region during the Age of Light before promptly abandoning it intact during the Age of Reflection, since then temples have become palaces and fonts of knowledge for many in Haless.

Most temples in contemporary Cannor and Escann were destroyed during the War of Ages, Ducaniel's War of Vengeance and the following Giant's Rebellion.

Notable Precursor TemplesEdit

Ueniande Temple: first precursor temple beyond Halwes

Insyaa Temple: first precursor temple in Insyaa

Iess Temple: first precursor temple in Haless, later renovated into Grand Palace of Harimar

Contemporary TheoriesEdit

Some scholars today suggest that the temples were not temples but large ports, if you will, that housed large flying ships. Some suggest they were also used as beacons to communicate with the stars.

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