The Planes of Existence is a cosmological belief held by the adherents of the Geronni Cosmology; the universe is split into various alternate and parallel planes of existence that can sometimes overlap and pass through each other.

List of planes[edit | edit source]

Core Planes[edit | edit source]

Material Plane: Our plane of existence

Higher Planes: The realm of the gods and positive energy

Lower Planes: The underworld, hell, the realm of demons and devils and negative energy

Elemental Planes: Realms of pure elemental dominance, the planes of water, earth. fire, air.

Fugue Plane: The realm of the dead and domain of Nerat.

Parallel Planes[edit | edit source]

Feyrealm: A parallel version of the Material Plane where wild magic has taken control causing massive overgrowth in plant and wildlife - an overabundance of life.

Shadow Plane: A parallel version of the Material Plane where dark magic has taken control causing much of the plane to be dead or in a permanent state of withering - an overabundance of death. Also serves as a transitional plane between the Fugue and the Lower Planes and serves as the main battlefield in The Eternal War.

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