Basic Information
Aliases The Shadow Queen, Princess of Thieves, Lady Trickster
Title(s) Goddess of Thievery and Shadows
Former Title(s) Damerian Spymaster, Shadow Sister, Master Thief
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Symbol Black cat with a gray mask
Appearance A lithe elven women in all black, often seen with a hood and cloak
Power Level Exarch of The Dame
Part of Halcanni Pantheon
Dominion Shadowden in the Shadow Plane
Portfolio Thievery, Shadows
Allies Jymone
Enemies Jymone
Known avatars Begga Goodfingers
Worshipers Thieves, spies, assassins, conniving nobility
Centers of worship A mark's abode
Worshiper count Few
Favored weapon Dagger
Holy day(s) Nathalfall, the day Nathalyne was executed
Family Information
Romances Jymone, the Goddess of Coin
Other(s) Had a part in the creation of Shadowmancy and the Shadow Covenant

As a Mortal Edit

Nathalyne was born in Damesear in 62 AL shortly after the previous avatar of The Dame, Auci Eighthborn, had died of old age.

She left home at an early age and traveled across the great cities of the world, from Cannor, Sarhal and beyond; some say that during this time she created or joined the Shadow Covenant of Haless.

During her adventures she attempted to steal the artifact Eye of Shadowsight from Mion Silmuna and thereafter served a short tenure as professor of Illusion at Silmuna University in exchange for the eye.

Shortly after she was finally caught during the Heist at Dazmihr-az-Orett but was pardoned by Mion's son Consul Darion Silmuna in exchange for her services as his spymaster. By the time the pardon letter arrived in the dwarven halls, Nathalyne had already escaped.

She would serve a spymaster beyond Darion's career until being dismissed by Jaher's puppet Consul Elemil ta'Tacenie, during her time as spymaster she established the greatest network of spies (and thieves) of the known world, as well as being the lover of Ara, an avatar of the Goddess of Coin, Jymone.

During the subsequent civil wars and the rule of Jaher that followed Nathalyne faked her death, though some sources claim that she served as an opposing spy and guerrilla combatant against the would-be Emperor.

By the time Jaher was Emperor she had embedded herself in the Bulwari nobility as well as Jaher's court, and in some sources: Jaher's mistress and lover.

In 360 AL she would enact Grand Heist of Damer and had successfully gotten away with Jaher's treasury until she was betrayed by one of her own companions and unknowing avatar: Lilana.

Captivity and Godhood Edit

Whilst being questioned for her usage of strange shadow magic she was made to recount her life, by sheer luck (or perhaps fate dictated by god) a Damerri priest was in witness and through a multitude of tests and rituals discovered that she was the lost avatar they had been looking for for over 300 years.

Damerian populace soon caught wind of the discovery and petitioned for her to be released to serve as a spiritual leader for the Dameria. Jaher would deny this request, and had her executed for her crimes, one of his first acts that culminated in losing favor with the Damerian people.

After her martyrdom her story was spread after her former lover Ara's diary was stolen, which soon helped develop a loyal and devout following ever since.

Some say that the Ara's diary was only part of the true tale of Nathalyne, and that the clergy of Jymone have closely guarded the truth from their counterparts ever since, beginning a long line of love-hate relationships between the two followings: The Nathalara.

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