Maiel Lawmaker
Basic Information
Aliases Lawmaker, Maiel the Stalwart
Title(s) High Magister of Ibevar
Former Title(s) Archmage of High Promise
Gender Male
Race Moon Elf
Class Wizard
Allegiance Order of High Promise, The Conclave, The Magisterium
Status Dead
Home Ibevar
Former home(s) Auraire, Vertesk, Brasan
Religion Halcanni Pantheon
Patron Deity Castellos
Known languages Common, Elven
Notable Feats Founding father of The Magisterium and created The Maielan Laws
Born 684 AL
Died 1123 AL (aged 439)
Cause of Death Old age
Family Information
Trueborn Children Castelyan Nowehal
Maiel Nowehal, also known as Maiel Lawmaker, was an elven magister and founding father of The Magisterium who was known for creating the Maielan Laws which introduced new regulation on the usage and teaching of magic.
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