Common (also known as Cannorian) - combination of elven, hudaeli and dwarvish

Anbennarian - combination of elven and common

Bulwari - combination of old elven and lahadi

Hudaeli - language of the humans, combination of giant and dwarven


Old Elven/Precursor Tongue - oldest language, some overlapping with celestial and infernal

Elven - simplified version of old elven

Denegerate Tongue - scholars suggest it is a combination of old elven and shadowspeech

Orcish - combination of dwarven and shadowspeech


Giant Tongue - language of the giants


Dwarven - language of the dwarves

Gnomish - language of the gnomes


Lahadi - language of the genies

Draconic - language of the dragons

Infernal - language of the banished

Celestial - language of the gods

Feytongue - combination of precursor and elemental

Shadowspeech - language of darkness

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