Landay is a celebration that takes place during final day of November of every year, it marks the day when the elven refugees arrived from Halwes and landed in Damesear. The Damerri chieftain Auci Eighthborn, avatar of The Dame, offered her own dwindling winter food supplies to help the elves make it through the winter.


Landay is commonly celebrated by throwing grand public all-day feasts for all to enjoy and take part, regardless of race, religion or any other dividing affiliations. Most elven and half-elven peoples celebrate this tradition, though it is celebrated by humans as well, particularly in the Dameshead Region.

Grand Landay FeastEdit

The Grand Landay Feast is the largest and most notable of Landay celebrations, for an entire day the Imperial Capital of Auraire turns into a grandoise party of excess and exuberance. Hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life are welcomed and many travel all month to make it for the Grand Feast.

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