Archmagister Korvin Lorentis
Basic Information
Title(s) Archmagister, Prince of Lorent
Gender Male
Race Half-elf (Moon)
Class Battlemage (Evocation, Abjuration)
Allegiance Kingdom of Lorent, The Phoenix Empire
Status Dead
Home Setadasar
Former home(s) Lorent, [[Damesear]]
Religion Iorielist
Known languages Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling
Notable Feats Right-hand man and advisor of Phoenix King Jaher
Born 139
Died 600 (aged 461) Damesear
Cause of Death In battle trying to restore Jaher's reign
Family Information
Romances Joycie Jinsi
Parents Queen Ioriel, King Alten Lorentis
Sibling(s) King Altenion Lorentis, Princess [[Iriana Lorentis]]
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