The Kingdom of Lorent (800 - 1375) was medieval monarchy and successor of the Ioriellan Empire and the predecessor of the Kingdoms of Red Lorent and Blue Lorent after the Rose Succession Crisis in 1375. Lorent was at the time one of the most powerful states in Cannor and one of the few that could rival The Empire (which like Lorent, was part of the Ioriellan Empire).

Lorent originated from the Lorentii people of western Cannor which grew to dominance during the time of the Damerian Republic where they served as a foederati, an ally. The Lorentii acted as a buffer state between the hostile tribes and the Republican Anbennari City States by the Dameshead coast, in thanks, they were rewarded with kingdom status by Jaher during his time as Luminary.

By the time of the late Phoenix Empire the Lorentii tribe had come to dominate all of western Cannor; shortly after the western half of the Phoenix Empire had collapsed into anarchy, the Lorentii moved in to restore order in the Phoenix Queen's name; in exchange for their loyalty the Phoenix Regent Istrodaniol also gave them the Kingdom of Dameria which soon gave birth to what is today known as the Ioriellan Empire.

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