Kazraiel, the Banished Prince
Basic Information
Aliases The Devil, Dark One
Title(s) The Banished Prince, Prince of Hell
Alignment Lawful Evil
Symbol Red Trident on black
Appearance Red-skinned humanoid with horns and wings, often wearing black armor or robes
Power Level Greater Deity
Dominion Hell
Portfolio Evil, Sin, Corruption, Knowledge, Power, Betrayal, Order
Allies Devils
Enemies Demons
Worshipers Devils, some demons, mortal cultists
Centers of worship Hell
Worshiper count Unknown
Favored weapon Trident
Holy day(s) Sixday (6th of the 6th at 6 of every month)
Family Information
Trueborn Children Devilkind
Bastards Demons
Parents Castellos, Agrados (Absorbed essence)
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