Jaherian Successor States was an umbrella term used for newly independent or autonomous states that emerged after the death of Jaher.


Elfrealm of Corvuria (580 - 1134): later Kingdom of Corvuria

Elfrealm of Aqaran (583 - 590): later Greater Gawed, Kingdom of Gawed

Kingdom of Gawed (590 - now): took over Aqaran

Kingdom of Dameria (580 - 633): given to Lorent

The Small Kingdom (587 - 650): split apart, most taken over by Gawed and Lorent

Kingdom of Damescrown (580 - 584): conquered by Aqaran

Greater Ibevar (579 - now)

Kingdom of Busilar (612 - now)

Kingdom of Lorent (587 - now): turned into Ioriellan Empire

Kingdom of Wex (maybe this is Ioriellan)

Kingdom of Verne (maybe this is Ioriellan)


Random fuckin elfrealms, or just kingdoms with elven rulers

Elfrealm of Marrhold -

Elfrealm of Escania - uber huge elf kingdom for now? destroyed by Black Ice


Elfrealm of Brasan (585 - 591)

Elfrealm of Elizna (586 - 605)

Elfrealm of Wesarba (585 - 620)

Kingdom of Esspyone (585 - 660)



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