Basic Information
Title(s) Phoenix Emperor
Former Title(s) Commander of the Sun Legion, Luminary, Consul
Gender Male
Race Sun elf
Class Battlemage
Allegiance Phoenix Empire
Status Dead
Home Setadasar
Former home(s) Auraire
Religion Formerly Halcanni Pantheon, Bulwari Sun Cult
Patron Deity Sura'el
Known languages Elven, Common, Dwarven
Notable Feats Formed the Phoenix Empire and conquered Haless
Born 203 AL
Died 574 AL
Cause of Death Presumed assassination
Family Information
Spouse(s) Erelmis the Chaste
Consort(s) Lots
Romances A shit load
Trueborn Children Jaerel Jaherian, Jexis Jaherian
Bastards Many
"From the ashes of the world I have brought back the Empire of old, like a phoenix: reborn."
―Jaher after becoming Emperor
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