Jahan sil Bennon
Basic Information
Aliases J.SB, J
Title(s) Blackpowder Chronicler
Gender Male
Race Half-elf
Class Scholar, Mage (Transmutation)
Allegiance The New Empire, Blackpowder Chroniclers
Status Alive
Home Damesear
Former home(s) Bennon
Religion Veridicialist
Known languages Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling, Gnomish, Orcish
Notable Feats Creator of the Blackpowder Chronicles
Born 1890
Family Information
Jahan sil Bennon, also known as J.SB or simply J, is a half-elf male scholar, adventurer and transmutation mage that lived during the time of The New Empire. He is known for his Blackpowder Chronicles series of books that detail the history and mythologies of the world.

While a respected chronicler, his true reason for compiling the Blackpowder Chronicles is to unveil the real truth behind the Dark Descendants, and ultimately: prove their existence.

Meta-Narrative Edit

Jahan sil Bennon is the author surrogate of the user JayBean who is the creator of the Blackpowder Chronicles setting much like how his counterpart is with the books.

Jahan is a 'modern' character that lives a future beyond the timeframe of the Blackpowder Chronicles setting. He is used as a somewhat unreliable narrator within the wikia/books itself, providing sometimes contradicting facts and sources. His intervention throughout the wikia can be seen through the Chronicler's Notes, often providing recently discovered information as well as theories, more often than not relating to the Dark Descendants.

His main goal is to act as a catalyst for the overarching Lovecraftian meta-narrative that looms across the setting.

Description Edit

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