Lady Ioriel the Red
Basic Information
Aliases Red Lady, Flower of Halwes
Title(s) Queen of Lorent
Former Title(s) Tutor, Mistress
Gender Female
Race Moon Elf (Apparent avatar of The Dame)
Class Sorceress
Allegiance Kingdom of Lorent, formerly The Phoenix Empire
Status Dead
Home Lorent
Former home(s) Auraire, Moonhaven
Religion Formerly Halcanni Pantheon, Iorielist
Known languages Elven, Common
Notable Feats Tutored Rewalt Lorentis, became his lover and Queen.

Established the Ioriellan Empire. Inspiration of Iorielist religion.

Born 485 AL Damesear
Died 800 (aged 315) Lorent
Cause of Death Assassinated
Family Information
Spouse(s) Mistress of King Rewalt Lorentis, King Alten Lorentis (m. 131 - 202)
Consort(s) Countless men and women, Celadir Silmuna, Herim Jinsi, Ladrie
Romances Phoenix King Jaher
Trueborn Children King Altenion Lorentis, Princess Iriana Lorentis, Prince Korvin Lorentis
Bastards Countless, Gyliam Crowne, Joycie Jinsi, Algarion Silmuna, Arellana Aedar
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