The House Cymlan (shortly cannorized into House Bluetongue) is the dynasty most notable for giving birth to the elf Munas Moonsinger, the Bluetongues are were originally a middle-class family of bards and performers.

After Varilor (Munas' elder brother) became head of the house the Bluetongues returned to their patronage of the arts though a strong naval tradition continues to this day.

Before the RuinEdit

Before the Ruin of Halwes the Bluetongues held a small residence in the capital city of Aesadas where they got their namesake, their progentior, Darastarion, was a renowned frostmage and singer - his surname became "Cymlan" meaning "Bluetongue" during Arethon's Centralization of Halwes where it was required to have surnames for the First Precursor Census.

Another notable member of the dynasty was Awen'Cymlan, a frostmage who was a leader of an expedition into The Frozen North.

Shortly before the end of The War of Two the majority of the Bluetongues were in the capital of Aesadas, however Mion'Cymlan, a disgraced member of the family after he ruined his reputation at a noble's court, had settled in a remote village near the eastern coast of Halwes.

The Great DriftEdit

After the Ruin, Mion'Cymlan was picked up during The Relief of Halwes and served as a bard in the city-turned-ship Tacenie. It was here where he met his wife Eransys who served as a deckhand for the Migrant Ship Lun'pyr, Mion soon moved ships and started a family.

In 100 BL Mion's son Oloris and his wife Aselya had their second son Munas whom, like his grandfather, became a bard.

During The Great Storm the Bluetongue family was killed, save for Munas and his elder brother Varilor. Shortly after the Storm Munas sang to the moon for aid and inadvertently saved the Remnant Fleet.

The LandingEdit

While Munas'Cymlan turned into Munas Moonsinger and started his own family under the surname Silmuna, Oloris' firstborn son Varilor'Cymlan was the first to cannorize his name, making him Varilor Bluetongue.

Unlike his brother, Varilor preserved his elven blood and his family mostly continued that tradition ever since. Varilor himself was a naval officer of the Lun'pyr but was later given charge of The Moonsinger, the first elven-human ship. Varilor continued to serve in the military, even serving as the first Luminary under Alard the Reformer.

The Bluetongues later became instrumental with the establishment of the city of Varivar and more notably: Moonhaven, a bastion for the moon elven race.

Phoenix EmpireEdit

Unlike their Silmuna cousins, the Bluetongues were allied with Jaher during his rise and grew much in power, after Jaher became Emperor the Bluetongues were partly responsible for the survival of the Silmuna family and the autonomy of the old Damerian Republic lands.

During the Phoenix Empire Jaher encouraged elves to "re-elvenize" their names and the main branch of the Bluetongues returned to their original name, Cymlan.

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