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The Halcanni Pantheon was the dominant religion of Halcann before the Age of Unraveling, the pantheon was a combination of local gods and was widely spread through the efforts of the Damerian Republic and the Phoenix Empire.

The Pantheon met success due to its acceptance of foreign gods, as people joined the republic/empire their gods were absorbed into the Pantheon, some became gods in their own right while some were 'proven' to be avatars of existing deities and all were incorporated into the Halcanni Creation Myth.

By the time of Jaher's death the Halcanni Pantheon had truly earned its name, sharing deities from the Elven Pantheon as well as local gods from the regions of Cannor, Escann, Gerud and Sarhal.

Pantheon Today[]

Castellos - King and ruler of the gods. Portfolio: Justice, Order and Ruling

The Dame - Right hand of Castellos. Portfolio: Harvest, Magic, Knowledge and Tolerance

Esmaryal - Wife of Castellos. Portfolio: Fertility, Health and Family

Mediron - Steward of Castellos. Portfolio: Healing and Time

Falah - Goddess of the Hunt. Portfolio: Archery, Hunting and Animals

Nerat - Judge of the Dead. Portfolio: Law, Judgment, Death

Sura'el - First son of Castellos. Portfolio: Light, Freedom and Fire

Amarya - First daughter of Castellos. Portfolio: Love and Beauty

Aedus - God of Building. Portfolio: Construction, Monuments, Stone

Inaia - Goddess of Peace. Portfolio: Peace and Diplomacy

Jymone - Goddess of Fortune. Portfolio: Gold, Trade and Luckw

Munas Moonsinger - God of Travel and Music. Portfolio: Travel, Music and Exploration

Nathalyne - Goddess of Thieves and Shadows. Portfolio: Thievery, Shadows, Darkness

Begga Goodfingers - Goddess of Charity. Portfolio: Charity, Selflessness

Corin - New God of War. Portfolio: War, Heroism, Valour

The Triune and Primordials[]

The Triune were the three original Celestials that defeated the Primordials during the Primordial War, the Primordials were powerful beings of pure elemental power with similar or greater power to the Celestials.

Elven Name Cannorian Name Symbol Functions and Attributes
Kashteyyalos Castellos

King and ruler of the gods. God of Order and Justice, Castellos later defeats and absorbs the portfolio of sky from the primordial Aesanna.

He was later maimed by Malliath and has since ruled from his throne in a state between life and death.

Adrados Agrados

God of War and later absorbing the portfolio of fire from the primordial Dra'xos, Agrados was the younger brother of Castellos and helped secure his reign.

He later declared war against his elder brother during the Godswar and was seemingly killed, Castellos attempted to absorb his portfolio but later cast it away due to its corruption.

Yshtrilnia Astralania Only sister of The Triune, Astralania was the Goddess of Knowledge and Magic. She was responsible for planning the creation of the world and also taught the dragons magic; she was later eaten by her student, the dragon Malliath during the Inheritance War.
Halanya Halanna

Primordial of Earth and creator of the giants, Halanna betrayed the Primordials along with her brother Uelos and later married Castellos, forming the early Sucessor Deities.

She was main driving force in creation of the world and also created the dwarves from stone to aid her in the intricate details.

She was later raped and slain by Agrados during the Godswar and from her remains came the Beast Gods as well as Falah and Nerat who remained loyal to Castellos.

Uhelios Uelos

Initially the primordial of water, Uelos joined Halanna in aiding the Triune and later became the God of Sea and Wisdom.

Uelos soon fell in love with Castellos' sister Astralania and gave birth to a single deity: The Dame. Uelos was felled during the Godswar.

Dramaranxisxo Dra'xos Primordial of Fire and part-progentior of the djinn, Dra'xos was known for his temperment and was the main leader of the primordial forces, he slain by Agrados and his portfolio of flame was absorbed.
Aeysanniaa Aesanna Primordial of Air and other progenitor of the genies, Aesanna's death marked the end of the Primordial War.

Loyal Excusian Gods[]

These were gods born before the Godswar, most were created by the excess magical energy of the Primordial War though some were children of the Triunic gods. Many of the Excusian Gods were slain during the following Godswar and Inheritance War, with those banished after the Godswar becoming the archdevil rulers of hell.

Elven Name Cannorian Name Symbol Description
Damysia The Dame

Initially the Goddess of Harvest, The Dame would later be known for the portfolios she inherited from her parents Astralania and Uelos, now she is the Goddess of Magic, Knowledge, Wisdom and Tolerance and serves as her uncle Castellos' right hand and regent.

Esmaryal Esmaryal

The first deity to be born from the energies of the Primordial War, Esmaryal soon became the Goddess of Fertility, Hearth and Family.

She quickly became Castellos' second wife and the mother to many successor deities but was later slain during the Inheritance War.

Midyrion Mediron

God of Medicine, Healing and Time, Mediron was created from the magical excess of the Primordial War and saved many during the following wars. He serves as Castellos' aide after he was maimed by Malliath.

Somminara Sominaria

Goddess of Dreams, Sominaria was slain by her sister Forsara during the Godswar.

Tatikarien Tatika

Goddess of Strategy and Planning, Tatica was Agrados' protege but refused to betray Castellos, she was later poisoned during Ibberal's Feast after the war had ended.

Famulara Famulara Part of the Twin Gods of Servitude, was the cupbearer of Castellos and poisoned in his stead during Ibberal's Feast.
Famulra Famuleron Other God of Servitude, he was the only surviving twin when his sister died at the final days of the Godswar. Famuleron would later be eaten during the Inheritance War.
Fayaa Falah The second-to-last deity to come from Halanna's womb as she died. As a cursed daughter of Agrados and Halanna Falah was tasked to become the Goddess of the Hunt and hunt down her monstrous and corrupted older siblings who would later be called the Beast Gods.
Dehneral Nerat

The final deity to come from Halanna's womb and youngest brother of Falah. Nerat, along with Falah, were the only deities from Halanna's corpse that remained loyal to Castellos.

Nerat was tasked to be the judge and jailor of the underworld and to keep the traitors of the Godswar at bay, he soon claimed the title of God of Death and Law and has judged souls ever since.

He leads the Eternal War against the Archdukes of Hell with a host of undead soldiers made up of those who have sinned.

Excusian Traitor Gods and Beast Gods[]

Elven Name Cannorian Name Symbol Description
Mesenerios Mesenerios

Former God of Travel and Communication, Mesenerios was banished to The Underworld and would become the archdevil Lord Sloth. His portfolio of travel would later be inherited by Munas Moonsinger.

Hydinia Hedina

Former Goddess of Joy, Hedina is often blamed for encouraging Agrados' lust for his sister-in-law, Halanna.

Banished to The Underworld, Hedina would later become the archdevil Mistress of Lust and mother of succubi.

Mewerian Moewen Former God of Construction and Innovation, Moewen was banished to The Underworld and would become the archdevil Marquis of Pride.
Cantirius Canturius

Former God of Music and Theatre, Canturius was initially part of Agrados' forces but betrayed them later in the war. However, he still paid for his crimes and also banished, becoming the Lord of Envy.

Iveeraal Ibberal

Former God of Celebrations, Ibberal hosted the victory feast after the war and attempted to poison Castellos and the other gods. He was promptly banished with the other traitors and later became the Grand Duke of Gluttony;

Saraorya Forsara Goddess of Luck and Charity, she was a co-conspirator of Ibberal's and betrayed the other deities in promise that she would be part of the new Triune. Forsara would later become the archdevil Lady of Greed.
Her portfolio would later be inherited by Jymone, Goddess of Coin.


The first and most savage of the Beast Gods, Harimar would eventually become the ancestor and namesake of the Harimarian tiger people.

(Chronicler's Note: Harimarians say that they were uplifted by the precursors, Harimar may have been an early leader and not a god if this theory is true. -J)

Grilasiol Grilax Progenitor of the gnolls, Grilax and his children would later serve the genie sultanates as slavers responsible for the Enslavement of the Bulwari People.
Firanya Firanya Progenitors of harpies, Firanya's ability to fly made her and her brood difficult for Falah to hunt, it is due to Firanya that Falah mastered the bow.
Dolumir Dolumir Progentor of the satyrs, Dolumir was a trickster god and known for trapping Falah in the Great Forest for 100,000 years.
N/A Vukar Vukar the Shapechanger was the progenitor of werecreatures, he has since evaded Falah due to his ability to hide in plain sight.
N/A Nazthi

Progenitors of the Nazthiri serpent people, Nazthi has yet to be seen by Falah or any other gods since the Spawn of Agrados.

(Chronicler's Note: Descendants? -J)

Siramodios Siramod Progenitor of the minotaurs, Siramod was the first to be slain by Falah.

Successor Deities[]

The Successor Deities were the gods born due to the magical energy from the Godswar and Inheritance War, most of the successor deities acted as replacements to gods who fell or were banished, taking on their portfolios. However, some were answers to the war and had new portfolios themselves.

Elven Name Cannorian Name Symbol Description
Sura'el Sura'el

Sura'el was the God of Light and Freedom as well as the first son of Esmaryal and Castellos. His position as the eldest successor deity holds him as the apparent heir to the heavens.

His most notable feat would be living life through his avatar, Venaan. who would lead the precursors to freedom against their draconic masters. He would later be the patron deity of elves before being eclipsed by Munas Moonsinger, however, he would remain as the patron of the sun elves as well as the main deity of the Bulwari Sun Cult.

Amaryana Amarya

Goddess of Love and Beauty and first daughter of Esmaryal and Castellos. She would go on to have many godly and mortal lovers throughout time, many wars and heroic stories have been attributed to her and her avatars.

Aedusion Aedus

God of Building and Repair, Aedus is the most notable deity created in the excess of the Godswar and repaired much of the world after both wars.

Aedus also draws parallels from the dwarven deity Balgar the Builder.

Aenaial Inaia

Goddess of Peace and Diplomacy, she helped broker peace in during the in the aftermath of the Inheritance War.

Post-Precursor and Ascendant Deities[]

These deities are those who came after the gods fled to the heavens and Castellos issued his Godly Decrees, most of these gods are mortals and avatars who ascended to godhood.

Elven Name Cannorian Name Symbol Description
Jymone Jymone Goddess of Fortune and Trade, Jymone was the daughter of Amarya and a precursor merchant. Her time as a mortal greatly expanded the Precursor Empire's wealth and the gods rewarded her with godhood.
Munas Lunseign Munas Moonsinger

God of Music, Travel and Exploration. Munas Moonsinger was a precursor elf who escaped the Ruin of Halwes. His song to the moon (The Dame) helped end The Great Wander and led the elves to Cannor.

Nathalyne Nathalyne

Goddess of Thievery and Shadows, Nathalyne was an avatar of The Dame who rose to godhood and became her exarch after stealing the godhood of the satyr trickster deity Dolumir.

N/A Begga Goodfingers Goddess of Burglary and Charity, Begga Goodfingers was an avatar of Nathalyne but used her god-given abilities to aid the emancipated halflings in their city ghettos. Unlike her patron Nathalyne she is known to steal for selfless reasons rather than for her own gain.
N/A Corin

Second God of War and latest ascendant deity, Corin was a avatar of the presumed-deceased god of war Agrados. Corin helped stop the Greentide using her newfound powers and became the replacement for Agrados.