Early Life Edit

Gurukk Siegebreaker
Basic Information
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Berserker
Allegiance Iron Brigade/Greentide
Status Alive
Religion Orc Pantheon
Known languages Orcish
Notable Feats Broke the siege of Khugdihr
Born 1415
Family Information
Bastards Many
Parents Unknown
Gurukk was born an orc bastard like most orcs, from a young age he was trained in the art of war as all orcs were. Gurukk was known for his savagery when fighting and it seemed as though his thirst for blood could not be satiated, thus he was known as a berserker to his clan mates.

When he reached the age of 16 he was ready for war and for many years fought with his clan mates of the Iron Brigade for the Green Tide, raping and pillaging as he pleased. Gurukk through many years of war became one the the stronger orcs of his clan and quickly rose through the ranks, but he wanted more, a title given to orcs through feats of strength and so he set this as his ultimate goal.

The Siege of Khugdihr Edit

Many years later in 1439, Gurukk found himself at the siege of Khugdihr, one of the last remaining dwarven fortresses. The siege had lasted many years and it seemed as though the dwarves would win this fight. During one last push Gurukk and members of the Iron Brigade were in the thick of battle trying to push through the gates of the fortress, but were losing many many men, Gurukk sensing a defeat rallied the Iron Brigade and other orc clans with a mighty roar which could be heard across the mountains and struck fear into the hearts of the dwarves. The orcs then flooded through the gates of Khugdihr, chanting Gurukk's name as they slaughtered the dwarves. Gurukk was later awarded the title "Siegebreaker" by the leader of the Greentide Urag Dookanson.

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