The Greentide was a Cannori-wide event that saw the de facto destruction of the remaining dwarven holds of the Serpentspine Mountains and the mass movement and invasion of the orcish and goblin races into the surface leading to the destruction of the many human kingdoms in Escann.

Destruction of the Castellyrian EmpireEdit

Starting in 1380 the Greentide reached the surface and brought destruction to many of the uprepared Escanni Kingdoms, with the kingdom of the Great White Dragon, the Castellyrian Empire, being brought to its knees in a mere few days.

Many lost their homes and this began a large-scale migration of the Escanni peoples, mostly humans (and eventually their half-orc progeny) and dwarves to the lands west to The Empire in Cannor.

The VanguardEdit

While most of the orcish hordes were bent on pillaging Escann by 1400 a large vanguard led by the Greentide's leader Urag Dookanson was headed straight for the heart of The Empire in hopes to catch them uprepared.

One of the many orphans brought about the initial wave, Corin, discovered he was infact an avatar of the once-disgraced God of War Agrados. Using his newfound powers he led a host of heroes to defeat Urag and shatter the vanguard, giving the west time to mobilize and fight back against the Greentide.

While Corin died, his followers went on to create the Corintar, a group of knights bent on finishing what Corin started.

Greentide WarsEdit

With the main vanguard destroyed and the kingdoms of Escann dead and in ruins many from the west saw opportunity for glory and power. These fortune-seekers came from all backgrounds, some going out on their own and others backed by their respective countries yet all fell under the moniker of Greentide Marcher Lords.

The most notable members of the Marcher Lords were those of the Order of Saint Aldresia who disobeyed their superiors within The Magisterium and went out to fight the Greentide on their own.

The combined efforts of the Marcher Lords and the mass-introduction and implementation of firearms led to the end of the Greentide and the establishment of many kingdoms and nations old and new.


The Greentide shook the continent of Cannor and had many outcomes  that still affect us to this day:

  • Introduction of Corin as the new God of War, replacing Agrados
  • Sharp rise in half-orc population
  • Assimilation of orcish peoples into Cannorian culture
  • Turn of warfare into reliance of firearms
  • Reclamation of many dwarven holds
  • Establishment of new kingdoms and resurrection of old ones
  • Improvement of general attitude to mages
  • Rise of the Witch Kings in Escann
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