Great Dookan
Basic Information
Aliases Actually Ducaniel
Title(s) Great Orc God, Dookan the Great, Creator Dookan
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Symbol An orc head
Appearance A muscular orc with ashen black skin and white hair
Power Level Greater deity
Part of Orc Pantheon
Dominion Dookan's Lair
Portfolio Conquest, Orcs, War, Strength, Survival, Destruction, Creation
Enemies Halcanni Pantheon, Elven Pantheon
Known avatars Chief Urag Dookanson
Worshipers Green orcs, goblins
Centers of worship Dookantar
Worshiper count 1 million+
Favored weapon Battleaxe
Holy day(s) Dookansday
Family Information
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