The Gem of Asra was one of the fifteen Gems of Aul-Dwarov which once decorated the Dwarovkron, the ancient crown that the High King of All Dwarves once wore.

Appearance Edit

The gem was roughly the size of adult halfling's fist and was known for its shimmering deep-blue colour.

Reclamation Edit

The Gem of Asra was reclaimed during the Expedition into Asra Hold in 1410 where a group led by the last son of clan Asra Fognir the Resurgent and funded by the half-elven House SIlmuna. The band was succesful in retrieving the gem and heroically chose to abandon the riches of the hold and kill the orcish warlord Dugorik the Slayer instead.

Afterwards Fognir used the gem to rally the surface dwarven merchant clans together and form the Asra Bank and the Dwarven Merchant League.

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