Falah the Huntress
Basic Information
Title(s) Goddess of the Hunt
Alignment Chaotic Good
Symbol Bow with emerald tipped arrows, sometimes with a fawn dancing on the bow
Appearance Pantheon version: humanoid female with red hair with a bow and green cloak.

Cyrvanvari version: A satyr-like woman with red hair and a bow made of leaves, green tipped arrows.

Power Level Lesser Deity
Part of Halcanni Pantheon, Cyranvari Commune
Dominion Hunter's Dream
Portfolio Hunting, Archery, Beast/monster slaying
Enemies Beastfolk
Worshipers Wood Elves, hunters, archers, slayers and adventurers
Centers of worship The Great Forest
Worshiper count 65,000
Favored weapon Bow
Holy day(s) Emerald Hunt
Family Information
Parents Pantheon version: Halanna and Agrados (via rape)

Cyranvari version: Mother Tree and Surgarik the Beast (via rape)

Sibling(s) Nerat
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