The Expedition into Asra Hold was an event that took place in the year 1410 when a group of adventurers led by the last son of Clan Asra, Fognir the Resurgent, succesfully reclaimed the Gem of Asra and defeated the orc warlord Dugorik the Slayer. Since then the event has been retold as a common campfire story and is the first in the Dwarven Reclamation Tales.

Expedition Members

The expedition was comprised of six members, gathered together by Fognir himself with the aid and funding of House Silmuna. The members of the expedition were men of acclaim themselves and were known to be the best at what they do.

Fognir Asra: Last son of Clan Asra, renowned merchant and warrior, Fognir was instrumental and guaranteed funding from the House Silmuna after finding their lost heir. After reclaiming the Gem he united the dwarven merchant families under its banner and created the Asra Bank and the Dwarven Merchant League.

Orbar the Loyal: The dwarven bodyguard of Fognir, whom served his father before him. It is said that he sacrificed his life to defend Fognir from the blade of Dugorik.

Mintbrick Puddlebonk: The gnomish expert on the Dwarovar, it is said that he revived an ancient mechanical army locked deep within the Dwarovar and used it to defeat the 10,000 orc army that was camped in Asra Hold. He stayed behind as the group retreated and died alongside his robotic army.

Ebbo "Lightfingers" Goodloot: The halfling thief that was the only member of the expedition not hired; he was said to be a good friend of Fognir and was the one to reclaim the Gem of Asra after trapping an orcish-tamed dragon in the Dwarovar. It is said that Fognir had to forcefully place the money earned in Ebbo's hands as he would not take any reward.

Jaerel the Mistwalker: Before he was known as the Mistwalker, Jaerel was a travelling mercenary in his younger days and excellent swordsman and shot. He was instrumental in aiding Ebbo trick the dragon Orogasizx, using his dwarven-crafted pistol to blind the dragon in both eyes.

Gerin Orcrend: A legendary orc slayer and wielder of the famed blade Orcrender, Gerin agreed to join the expedition after hearing that Dugorik, the orc that had killed his wife and children, was in Asra Hold. Gerin slew over a thousand orcs in order to confront the warlord and slew him in personal combat - some versions of the tale suggests that he was killed by the orc and was reunited with his loved ones while others say that he left the group and went deeper into the Dwarovar to kill and hunt down as many orcs as he could.

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