An Exarch is a mortal-turned-god, more often than not, a former avatar of an existing god. Exarchs can have avatars of their own and even bestow powers to their followers, it is up to speculation whether an exarch simply acts as a conduit or filter and that powers actually come from their patron god or whether they can give divine power of their own accord.

Unlike other deities, an exarch may share a similar or same portfolio as their patron deity. In some cases, an exarch may eclipse their patron god is followers, according to the Godly Decrees the exarch will became the main bearer of the portfolio and become a lesser or greater deity, the patron deity may be reduced in rank or be absorbed fully.

Becoming an ExarchEdit

Most modern theologians agree on the Adobanus Ascension theory in regards to exarchs, the theory itself puts three prerequisites for a mortal to become a god.

1. Have support of an existing deity or be an avatar

3. Have an unclaimed portfolio/aspect of worship, or have more followers than a god of that existing portfolio

3. Perform an extraordinary feat

An extraordinary feat is unspecified, but must relate to the portfolio the mortal will gain upon ascension.

While most ascensions follow the prerquisite, some scholars suggest that a truly extraordinary feat such as killing a god may bypass the need of having a divine patron.

List of ExarchsEdit

Nathalyne - Goddess of Thieves and Shadow, Exarch of The Dame

God of Knowledge and Study, Exarch of The Dame

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