The Elven Language (known as Lan'ven in the tongue) is a language still used today; while imported from Halwes due to The Exodus, it found widespread use during the time of Jaher's Phoenix Empire and has since spread throughout Halcann. The language is generally described as soft-spoken, musical and pleasant to the ear.

Grammar & Linguistics Edit

The Elven Language features common usage of portmanteau and compounds in our case the elven language uses apostrophes (') to combine words and phrases, as well as cutting words into shorter versions (often to previous half of the word, eg Dasar becomes Das).

Apostrophe combination example:

Second = Seta

Golden = Sur

Age = Galaan

Golden Age = Surgalaan

Second Golden Age = Seta'surgalaan

Shortening combination example:

Sky/High = Aesa

Paradise = Dasar

Shortened form of Dasar = Das

Sky Paradise = Aesadas

Apostrophe and shortening combination example:

Language (of) = Lanwen

Shortened form of Lanwen = Lan

Shortened form of Venaan = Ven

Language of the Elves/Elven Language = Lan'ven

Death: det

Orda: order (of the)

Lanwen: language

Iande: place/land



Sil(Person): Of(person), for example of Munas = Silmuna

sil (place): of (place)

ta (ship): of (ship)

El: son(s) of, eg: elven (son(s) of Venaan)

Toponyms Edit

Many places, especially in Southern Halcann, have names steeped in elven toponymy.

Common Moon Elven Dialect Bulwari/Sun Elf Dialect Wood Elven Dialect
land/place -iande -eyand -iwand
paradise -dasar -dasar -gwasar
forest -var -bahar -var
tower/fort/keep -thil -dhyl -gwyl
city -aire -eheyr -gaire
mountain -lai -laay -laeg
port/by the coast -ie -yi -ie
land hal- ha'al- hael-
center/heart -cann -ksann -ca'auwn
west/home -wes -wes -wes
east/foreign/strange -ess -eys -eas
south -set -seyat -seit
north -gea -gya -gwyan
sky/high aesa- aysa- aegsa-

Prefix Edit

Hal: land

Suffix Edit

iande: land/place (Ueniande)

das/ar: paradise (Aesadas)

var: forest (Syranvar) (Chronicler's Note: This links to the word paradise, often being used interchangeably -J)

thil: tower/fort/keep (Harathil)

aire: city (Dalaire)

lai: mountain (Affelai)

ie: port/by the coast (Tacenie)

Cann: center/heart

Wes: west/home

Ess: east/foreign/strange

Aesa: sky/high

List of wordsEdit

Common Moon Elven Dialect Bulwari/Sun Elf Dialect Wood Elven Dialect
air aes aeys aes
apple -iande -eyand -iwand


-dasar -dasar -gwasar
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