The Elder Races were the 5 oldest races in existence, most scriptures suggest that the 5 were chosen by the gods to look after the world.

The Elder Races were given areas to look after by the gods:

  • Dragons: given the sky
  • Giants: given The Frozen North, Northern Halcann and the hills
  • Genies: given places of elemental power, volcanic islands and fertile lands (fire - Efreet), the mountaintops (air - Djinn), the south pole and the sea (water - Marid), the desert and the deep underground (earth - Dao).
  • Elves: was not given a place, but instead served in the Higher Planes and wherever their divine masters were in the World.
  • Dwarves: given the Serpentspine Mountains

Fate of the Elder RacesEdit

By modern day all the Elder Races have passed their zenith and are often seen in decline.

  • Dragons: was wiped to near extinction and most reduced to low intelligence
  • Giants: wiped to extinction by the Precursor Empire, legacy continues through lesser variants like trolls and ogres
  • Genies: banished to the Elemental Planes during The Dissipation
  • Elves: global empire destroyed through civil war, the race divided into subraces
  • Dwarves: vast underground empire destroyed by the orcs, regaining it fully is near-impossible
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