The Dwarven Empire, also known as Aul-Dwarov (roughly translated to "All Dwarves Home" in the tongue), was the oldest known nation in the world, encompassing all the Serpentspine Mountains, including the Giant's Rest Mountains in Gerud.

The Empire has origins streching far back as the Inheritance War when the dwarves first began construction of Dwarfhome, an intended shelter for dwarves as well as those fleeing dragonfire; the Empire officially met its end to the orcs during The Last Days of Dwarovar but was continued by Dwarven smaller dwarven holds and kingdoms.

This article refers to the Dwarven Empire at its peak shortly before and during its contact with the Precursor Empire, for the establishment before this see: Proto-Dwarven Empire.


The Dwarven Empire had a heavily hierarchal and caste-based system, with the High King at the top and lesser kings before him.

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