Dwarovar (also known as Dwarfhome) was a underground network of megatunnels and infrastructure built by the dwarves which began construction during the Inheritance War spanning the entirety of the Serpentine Mountains and the Giant's Rest Mountains.

The Dwarovar was once fully inhabited and linked all the dwarven holds together until The Last Days of Dwarovar when the orcs overran the system and brought the end to the Dwarven Empire, even today it is still a remarkable example of dwarven architecture and art.

Throughout history many dwarves have attempted and sometimes successfully reclaimed holds and secured small parts of the Dwarovar, however, though even today much of it is still lost, teeming with deep orcs and other monstrosities.


  • Running of water at all times, including filtration.
  • Highway allowing for fast, automated transport of goods and people.
  • Paved and lighted halls and walkways connecting nearby holds.
  • Protected entrances to natural (and sometimes dangerous) caverns, tunnels, etc
  • Dwarven constructs to patrol and maintain security along the system.
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