Ducaniel the Black
[[DarkElf NPC LORD UTHORIN|250px]]
Basic Information
Title(s) The Black King
Former Title(s) Archmagister of Transmutation, General of 4th Legion, Governor of Damescrown, Prince of Dalaire, Wielder of Raqhar
Gender Male
Race Formerly Precursor elf, Dark elf
Class Sorceror
Allegiance Himself, formerly The Precursor Empire
Status Unknown
Home Dalaire
Former home(s) Dalaire, Damecrown, Orkad Hall, Aesadas the Flying City
Religion Dark Descendants, Ducanielist
Patron Deity The Sleeping One
Known languages Ancient Elven, Common, Ancient Dwarven
Notable Feats Created Orckind, caused The War of Two and The Ruin of Halwes.
Born 32,000 BL
Died 1000 BL
Cause of Death Apparently killed during The Ruin of Halwes.
Family Information
Romances His niece, The Elfenbride.
Parents King Arethon
Sibling(s) King Aldan the White
Other(s) Created Orckind

Early Life Edit

War of Subjugation and fallout with Aldan Edit

War of Vengeance Edit

As an Orcish Warlord Edit

Lost Years Edit

Return to Halwes Edit

War of Two Edit

The Ruin of Halwes Edit

References Edit

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