"Born from those that avoided enslavement from the Genie Sultanates, the desert elves are the nomadic shadows that lurk within the Salahadesi Desert known for guiding the lost and keeping the land from the grasp of many empires old and new."
―Castien of Salahadi
Desert Elf
Basic Information
Aliases Sahaladi Elves
Homeland(s) Sahaladesi Desert
Language(s) Sahaladi Elven, Sahaladi Common
Subtype Elf
Notable Members Jaddar
Average Height 5'9" - 6'4"
Average Weight 130 - 170 lbs
Skin Color Tanned to brown
Hair Color Black
Hairstyle Bald or short
Eye Color Hazel, gray
Distinctions Nomadic, excellent riders
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