The Damesear is a peninsula within the inland sea known as the Dameshead, with its only land connection being a small land bridge to the east. The area's central location has given it much significance and power throughout history, with it's most notable city, Auraire, lying on its western coast.


Pre-Landing Edit

Before the arrival of the elves the Damesear was populated by human tribes, most notably the Damerri. Due to it's central location the area was prone to invasions and much of the population shared blood ties with the nearby tribes such as the Ibevids and Lorentii.


The elves arrived at a southern bay of the Damesear now named Landbay and soon encountered the Damerri tribes who welcomed them with open arms. With the elves' help the Damerri managed to unite the Damesear region during the Conquest of Damsear.

While some elves stayed in the Landbay region most migrated to the Damerri capital which would eventually be known as Auraire


Much of the Damesear consists of flatlands with the Mt. Auci and the Varivar Forest to the southeast. While low in natural resources it's central location makes it a mandatory stop for any trade going in and out of the Dameshead that combined with its flat geography made it a prime location for urban development.

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