Damerian Elections was a democratic process within the Damerian Republic to elect the new Consul, the de facto ruler of the republic. The Consul initially ruled for 10 years until the Alardian Reforms.

Initially only the noble classes were viable to vote and become consul, but that would later be amended durng the Alardian Reforms and opened to the free citizens of the Republic.

Elections were often turbulent times where the enemies of the Republic within and outside could take advantage of a leaderless Dameria. Ever since the Crisis at Damesear a Luminary, who was a chosen dictator with indefinite power, was assigned during election season.

List of ConsulsEdit

Year Consul Notes
60 AL Mion Silmuna
70 AL Mion Silmuna
80 AL Fedis ta'Wesaesa
  • Elven consul, won due to his militaristic policies.
90 AL Fedis ta'Wesaesa
100 AL Fedis ta'Wesaesa
110 AL Fedis ta'Wesaesa
120 AL Fedis ta'Wesaesa
130 AL Fedis ta'Wesaesa
140 AL Fedis ta'Wesaesa
150 AL Fedis ta'Wesaesa
160 AL Alard the Reformer
165 AL Darion Silmuna
  • Elected due to divine blood ideas of the Silmuna dynasty due to the Moonsinger Codex.
170 AL Irdas ta'Tacenie
175 AL Curin Silore
180 AL Makil Silmuna
  • Died during barbarian raid.
181 AL Andreas Silmaldor
186 AL Audreyn of Gisden
  • First female Consul.
191 AL Inror Silurion
196 AL Elrod ta'Lunpyr
201 AL Giles of Bennon
  • The mage Ebril Sildir becomes Luminary to keep the peace during the Sun Elven Diaspora.
  • The human Giles takes a harder stance against the sun elven refugees and doesn't give them citizenship.
206 AL Giles of Bennon
211 AL Inror Silurion
  • Reforms to be more lenient to sun elven refugees, limited citizenship.
216 AL Gerry Talimandy
  • Only halfling consul, Beepeck flourishes.
221 AL Ardin Silmuna
226 AL Ardin Silmuna
231 AL Bertan of Gawed
236 AL Alril Silalye
  • Dies during the campaign.
  • Jaher becomes Luminary.
236 AL Mironwal ta'Lunpyr
  • Dies during the campaign.
237 AL Edran Silanas
  • Dies during the campaign.
240 AL Voran Silgaran
  • Corrupt
245 AL Voran Silgaran
  • Deposed by Luminary Jaher.
245 AL Elemil ta'Tacenie
  • Elected but puppet of Jaher.
  • Kileld by Jaher's enemies.
246 AL Syman of Verne
250 AL Jaher
  • Jaher still Luminary at this time.
255 AL Jaher
260 AL Jaher
  • Jaher breaks the two term limit, declares himself as Consul and Luminary for life.
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