Cannor Edit

West Cannor Edit

Kingdom of Lorent

Blue Lorent

Duchy of Deranne (powerful enough to break free from Lorent)

Free County of Viswall (halfling freedom fighters vs Lorent)

Imperial Edit

Kingdom of Gawed (Gisden, Ginnfield)

Duchy of Marshton, (Northbog)

Duchy of Wex (Bennon)

Duchy of Verne

Duchy of Busilar

Duchy of Terr

County of Varivar

Elfrealm of Ibevar

Elfrealm of Moonhaven (Ilvandet)





Exwes-by-the-sea (halfling)

Free City of Beepeck (halfling)

Free City of Damescrown

Free City of Vertesk

Free City of Auraire

Escann Edit

Kingdom of Corvuria

Kingdom of Marrhold (Griffonmount)

Castellyrian Counts Edit

Greentide Marcher Lords Edit

Add more that are like X's Y, just get people to make their own really/recommend, more guilds

Order of the Ashen Rose (Lorentian)

Cobalt Company (Gawedi)

The Corintar / Order of Corin (Corinfall, Northshields)

Onyx Legion (Followers of Nerat)

Warriors of Ancard (Ancross)

The Sword Covenant (Orda Aldresia members)

Order of the Hallowed Will (Orda Aldresia)

Order of the Iron Scepter (Magisters)

Medhyrian Order (Followers of Mediron, healer dudes based in Sarhal)

Jaherian Exemplars (Sarhal elves who wish to emulate Jaher)

White Hammers of Aedus (Followers of Aedus)

Arbitrators (Quasi-followers of Inaia)

Battledancers (Followers of Amarya)

Pioneer's Guild (Quasi-followrs of Jymone)

Gallant Adventurers

Brave Company

Shining Circle (Followers of Jymone, took over a city state that an existing country has cores on)

House of Riches (same)

Order of the Beryl Crown (same)

Moonwardens (Followers of the Dame)

The Storm Dragons (from Dragon Coast)

Order of the Lamp (Followers of Munas/Dame)

Blade Minstrels (Followers of Munas)

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