Chronicler's Notes are notes found within the Blackpowder Chronicles series of books in the form of information added by the Blackpowder Chroniclers, they are often held in an informal tone and provide the author's own theories and opinions on the subject matter.

Each note is often marked by the initials of whomever wrote it.

Meta-Narrative Edit

The Blackpowder Chronicles is the name of the in-setting book series as well as the wikia itself. Chronicler's Notes are used to add personality to the writers of the wikia entries, whom have their own in-character author surrogate.

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(Chronicler's Note: This is a note about the structure of notes. -J)

Notes by Jahan sil Bennon (-J) Edit

As the original creator of the Blackpowder Chronicles, most of the notes seen is by him, his notes often relate to his own theories about the Dark Descendants.

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