The idea of a chosen people has long existed in the world, where a certain race ascertains the generally god-given right to rule the entire world.

List of claimants Edit

Dragons: The dragons claim they were the first creatures made by the gods and that they were made to rule the earth in their stead, eventually they rebelled against their apparently decadent and weakened creators sparking the Inheritance War and the foundation of The Rule of Dragons.

|Precursor Elves: The Precursors claim that they were the first 'true' race to be created and were to be stewards of the gods; however, the dragons soon proved they were no worthy heirs and the gods chose the precursors as their new successors, eventually helping them rise up against their draconic masters and establish their own Empire.

Bulwari elves: The precursors who stayed in Halcann were promptly enslaved by the genies and endured many years of servitude. By the 0 AL the bulwari had thought the gods had abandoned them and died until The Solemn Exchange when the last remaining god Sura'el (who's avatar Venaan once freed the precursors) sacrificed himself to free the bulwari elves for a second time. After this event the bulwari saw themselves as a chosen people like their ancestors and brought about a new age of elven superiority.

Other elves: The elves who survived The Ruin of Halwes also thought their gods abandoned them. When they arrived in Halcann during The Landing they were quick to merge their existing pantheon and adopt new gods but the idea of an elven chosen people was not prevalent until Jaher and his followers conquered the Bulwari Empire and established the conjoined race of the sun elves. Jaher was seen as Sura'el come-again by the Bulwari Sun Cult and spread the idea of elven superiority and their status of a chosen people across Halcann.

(Chronicler's Note: The idea of an elven chosen people was popular in the elf-populated Sarhal while those in multicultural Cannor rejected the idea.)

Harimarians: The harimarians were a feline race in the far continent of Halwes, they believe that their High Gods built temples to guide them so that they could spread their gods' knowledge and faith throughout the world.

Mages: An initial Cannorian offshoot of the Bulwari Sun Cult, the religion of The Regent Court was soon established believing that it was magic that determined the status of a chosen person not their race - the elves were chosen, yes, because of their skill in magic not their pointy ears. The Regent Court believed the original draconic idea that the gods were the rulers of the heavens and that someone was to be the rulers of the earth: mages. The Court however believed that there was a higher True God above all, and that the gods and the mages were only regents ruling in their stead.

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