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Not much is known of pre-landing organisations, most are linked to various occult and religious following today.

The Shadow Covenant - An ancient secret society known for pulling strings behind many world powers, created the art of Shadowmancy

Astral Watchers - An ancient society comprised of diviners focusing on magic from the astral abyss they know about the descendants

Scions of the Last Dragon - practicioners of forgotten draconic magic

Damerian Republic and Phoenix Empire[]

The arrival of the elves and the establishment of the Damerian Republic led unraveling of the secretive shroud of magic for the Cannorian natives, many early magical orders were created and many ended up teaching their knowledge to non-elves.

Lanassari - The Knowledgeable Ones: an organisation of recently arrived elven mages in Cannor

Ayshari - Served as the official magical body for the Bulwari and Phoenix Empire, rivals of the Lanassari

  • Cohorts of the Brilliant Sun - Also known as Bulwari War Wizards, a guild of battlemages under the service of the Bulwari Empire

Council of the Arcane - The first magical organisation in Cannor that admitted non-elves, de facto magical authority in the Damerian Republic

Seekers of the Dame's Truth - A religious group of diviners that settled the Dameseye, speculated to have reformed into the Moonseekers

Alchemist's Guild - A merchant organisation comprised of powerful transmuters

Medhyrian Order - A Bulwari-born magical charity organisation focusing on healing the sick

Ranberri Brotherhood - Halessi swordmages and wielders of precursor spellblades

Cerulean League - An alliance of Dameria-loyalist mages that was eventually wiped out by Jaher

The Interregnum and beyond[]

The Interregnum saw the collapse of civillisation across Cannor. Many magical organisation sprung up from the ashes of the the Phoenix Empire which held them all together all the while the (often magically-led) elven foundations of the realm was shattered and fell to the hands of mostly human non-mages. During this time many mages served as advisors to ruling warlords but often held alliegance to magical secret societies, many a time had magic users attempted to be rulers in their own rights leading to various anti-magic events such as the Pogrom of Damesear.

The era was brought to an end when The Conclave, a massive secret alliance of the realm's most prominent mages, ressurected The Magisterium brought warlords to their knees at the Grand Summit of Ibevar and created The Empire.

Followers of the Coming Sunrise - A secret alliance of pro-Phoenix Empire mages (make it religious instead?)

Order of High Promise - A secretive order politically-savvy mages, formed the basis of The Magisterium

Followers of the Crystal Mask - A secretive cult taking tutelage from the Crystal Mask of Esspyone

Circle of Pyromancers - A renowned group of evocation mages specializing in fire spells

Patrons of the Arcane Light - A good-aligned order of mages

Order of the Cerulean Eye - A ressurected version of the Cerulean League, driven underground by The Magisterium

Moonlit Brotherhood - A society comprised of the most powerful sorcerers in the land

Sisterhood of The Dame - A society comprised of the most powerful sorceresses in the land

Moonseekers - A secret society obsessed with finding the truth about the nature of our world

The Conclave - A secret society of powerful mages during The Interregnum comprised of many smaller organisations, reformed into The Magisterium

The Magisterium - The governing and regulating body for all things magic in The Empire

  • Orda Aldresia - Religious order of mage-knights
  • The Inquisition - A secretive sect within The Magisterium tasked with hunting down and rooting out practicers of black magic

Order of the Ruby Star - The Kingdom of Lorent's official magical order

Society of Free Thinkers - A short-lived secret society of mages against the control of The Magisterium

Bladesingers - Bardic swordmages

The Carrion Society - A Corvuria-based secret society focusing on illusion and necromancy, suggested links to the Shadow Covenant

Moonseekers - A secret society

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