Bulwari philosophy is the period of Cannorian Philosophy that emerged shortly after the Statement of Self-Rule in 22,999 BL developed by the bulwari people. It is regarded as the foundation of Cannorian philosophy as a whole and has since influenced the rest of Cannor, if not the world.

Schools of thoughtEdit

Bulwari schools of thought is split into three eras: Pryoan, Frigoan and Post-Frigoan.


Pryoan schools of thought originated during the time of Bulwar Pryoa, it mainly concerned the bulwari elves' position in the world as an entity independent of the Precursor Empire.


Named after the bulwari priest Vacyntas, Vacyntassian thought promoted the upholding of old precursor ideals especially when it concerns the legacy of a global Precursor Empire. Vacyntassians called for the extermination of all genie-kind and the re-establishment of an imperial regime in Sarhal and beyond. They were one of the main factors that caused war between Bulwar Pryoa and the Genie Sultanates.


Frigoan schools were mostly established during the bulwari elves' time in slavery by the genies; most Frigoan philosophies cling to extreme ideals, challenging the existence of life and the gods themselves as well as an objection to the idea of elven supremacy.

Old BrasannianEdit

Old Brasannian follows the example of Brasan the Emancipator, a genie sultan who warred against his own kind for the freedom of the bulwari elves. Old Brasnnian thought was very popular amongst the bulwari slaves and was a strong proponent of elven freedom but also the understanding of the genie way of life, it taught that a race on its own inherently cannot be good or evil, but rather relies on the actions and merits of the individual.


Penitencials believed that the enslavement of the bulwari elves was due to their disobeying of the Precursor Empire and the Statement of Self-Rule. They believed that they must work hard and serve their genie masters in life so that they may return to Halwes in death.


Post-Frigoan thought was developed after the freedom of the bulwari people, it is often seen as a blend of the Pryoan and Frigoan philosophies but was unified as a whole in the belief of the sole deity: Sura'el. The Bulwari Sun Cult was a main school of thought in this period.

New BrasannianEdit

New Brasannian is a continuation of Old Brasannian, it is a more peaceful rendition compared to the old variation and concerns itself with equality for all beings. While being against the ideas of elven supremacy New Brasannian scholars called for an expansion of the bulwari sphere of influence in order to right the wrongs of the world.

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