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The Blackpowder Chronicles is a universal chronicle dedicated on documenting the entire history of our world, with a central focus on how gunpowder revolutionized the world, halting the Greentide and burgeoning a new age where magic no longer dictates the course of the world.

Timeline - Religion[]

Chronicler's Guide[]

The Blackpowder Chronicles is a dark fantasy setting with a major focus on how a traditionally fantasy world changes with the emergence of blackpowder.

The wikia is primarily a guide to document information and lore for my upcoming Europa Universalis 4 mod as well as acting as the setting for my Pen & Paper campaigns.

The entire wikia is written by an in-character authors, the Blackpowder Chroniclers.

Led by Jahan sil Bennon, they seek to document the history of the world they live in, and for Jahan: to discover the real truth behind major world events, and prove once and for all the existence of the Dark Descendants....
"When the smoke clears, only truth remains."

Latest activity[]

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