King Altenion I Lorentis
Basic Information
Aliases Altenion Halfblood
Title(s) King of Lorent
Former Title(s) Duke of Loren
Gender Male
Race Half-elf (Moon)
Class Knight
Allegiance Kingdom of Lorent, The Phoenix Empire
Status Dead
Home Lorent
Religion Iorielist
Known languages Common, Elven
Notable Feats Became the first elfblood monarch of Lorent
Born 132 Lorent
Died 310 (aged 178) Lorent
Cause of Death Old age
Family Information
Spouse(s) Queen Cyna Ourpur
Trueborn Children King Thiren Lorentis
Parents King Alten Lorentis, Queen Ioriel
Sibling(s) Princess Irania Lorentis, Prince Korvin Lorentis
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