King Aldan the White
[[Aldan the white|250px]]
Basic Information
Aliases The White Prince
Title(s) General of the 1st Legion
Former Title(s) Prince
Gender Male
Race Precursor Elf
Class Battlemage
Allegiance The Precursor Empire
Status Dead
Home Aesadas
Religion Elven Pantheon
Known languages Elven, Common
Notable Feats Issued Reflective Decree
Born 32,000 BL
Died 1000 BL
Cause of Death Killed in The Sundering
Family Information
Parents Arethon
Grandparents Venaan
Sibling(s) Ducaniel

Early Life Edit

General of the 1st Legion Edit

Ascension to the Throne Edit

Ushering in the Second Golden Age Edit

War of Two and Death Edit

References Edit

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